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  1. SimplexCoda

    Welding A Stem?

    I knew about the use of super glue to close wounds. But for some reason, I didn't think about it when I thought of that. But, I think Imma go with a solder. I will elt you know how it all works out.
  2. SimplexCoda

    Welding A Stem?

    Good thinking Ryno ;) Kaoz, as much as I like hte sounds of taking my stem to someone with magic hands, I don't care who does it, as long as my favorite pipe is working again.
  3. SimplexCoda


    I thought the second from the right was a Ma'Shal, but I looked at mine and it's not. My manifold is gold and hammered, yours is not. I couldn't identify it. But, I can say what it isn't.
  4. SimplexCoda

    Welding A Stem?

    Hey Mushy. I had thought about that, but for one thing: it's like an eighth inch wide and like 4 inches long. For another, I don't know how comfy I am using super glue on it.
  5. SimplexCoda

    Welding A Stem?

    Man, that's a bit of a bummer. I was hoping welding would work out. I have 2 friends who are pipe liners. But, I don't know if they can braze.
  6. SimplexCoda

    Welding A Stem?

    Yeah. I was figuring led free would be best. But I was unsure if anyone around had exerience with actually having this done before.
  7. Hey everyone! It's been a SUPER long time. For those who don't know/remember me: I have been a member here for quite a time. But, due to some things happening in life it has been about a year since I have been around. Well, I busted out my favorite hookah to smoke the other day since I no longer have room mates with a baby running around to knock it over. It's a syrian very much like the glyph from H-S but, shorter (without the top pear). I lit it up and got nothing but smoke immediatly. So, I took another hit and realized the water wasn't bubbling. So, I pulled the stem out and there was a long, thin, verticle crack causing an air leak. I have searched some, but my search skillz suck. So, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the ability of having this welded. I was namely wondering if there were any techiniques to stay away from due to health concerns. I don't HAVE to have this one fixed since I still have my KM Ice Bucket that works well. But, this syrian is my favorite. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  8. SimplexCoda

    Sea Buckthorn

    Tangiers Blackthorn (noir) Setup: KM Mash'al Bowl: Mini Phunnel Hose: Homemade using equine tubing and mya hose ends Screen/Foil: MNH Jet Glass Screen Coal: 4 Canary to start then alternating between 3-4 Liquid In base: Water Cut: I think I should take this section out sometime I mean you guys have had Tangiers before Smell: Gross. I acclimated for 4 days, still didn't smell quite right, but I said I hope it tastes better than it smells. Taste: Pretty good actually. Many hints of plum, date, nutmeg Smoke Thickness: A little less than Im used to with Tangiers Buzz: I got 0 but everyone else thought they died. Duration: Just over 2 hours Overall : It was far better than it smelled. It was subtle and I like that. It's not my favorite, but it could be in my top 10 probably. Might be very good mixed with a little vanilla. 8/10
  9. SimplexCoda

    Green Tea With Honey

    This is only first impressions. I have only smoked 1 bowl of this stuff and a full review will come near then end of this pack..........onto the impressions Looks: Like Tangiers, good cut, dark as the soul and sticky. Smell: Initially very bad. This could be due to the time that it sat in my mailbox in the very cold. At this point is smelled much like Copenhagen. After 6-7 hours of acclimation the nicotine smell had started to mix with the slight smell of honey. After 26-30 hours it smelled extremely strong of floral honey. After about 3 days of acclimation the smell mellowed out and began to have a good mix of green tea and honey smells. Pack: Typical Tangiers....A LOT Bowl: Mini Phunnel with MNH glass jet screen Pipe: Nour Syrian 23 inch Water: Lukewarm Coals: Started with 2 Golden Canary coals on opposite sides of the bowl, once the coals had burned about 40 minutes I added a 3rd. Overall smoking experience: This flavor started and was by far the easiest Tangiers flavor to deal with I have tried so far. It packed straight away and I had smoke my first puff. Granted Tangiers isnt hard in general, this was just the easiest I have tried. from the second hit I had full flavor. The taste was fanastic, great mix of green tea and honey. This bowl smoked overall for about 2 hours with 4-5 people smoking....however, the flavor was pretty much dead for about the last 45 minutes. First impressions: Hard to acclimate. This could have been due to the cold it sat in. Also the flavor was a bit short lived compared ot the smoke. Overall I did enjoy it. I would say this has potential to become my second favorite tangiers flavor. (Sorry nothing can beat Kashmire Cherry) Like I say I will put up a true review of this stuff after several more bowls are smoked.
  10. SimplexCoda

    Magdy Zidan Safari For Sale

    stuie, i would like to chat about the bambinos. I would like to get my wifey a wedding present and she has been wanting a hookah.
  11. SimplexCoda

    Coffee People, Looking For Suggestion

    thanks for the help guys, ill check out this saeco machine...I found one i really really really want, but its around 3,500...its the Olympia Maximatic
  12. You know, ABQ is only a few hours from me, i need to go see adam....
  13. SimplexCoda

    Have You Heard?

    So guys have you heard yet? [url="http://www.tbitw.com/"]click here[/url]
  14. SimplexCoda

    Coffee People, Looking For Suggestion

    So no one can help in anyway?
  15. SimplexCoda

    Geo Caching?

    i think im gonna have to be on the look out for a used GPS