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  1. Must admit the AF Eskandarani is currently my fave... it's subtle, original smoke that gives a feeling of prestige 
  2. Yeah let's say it loud : AL FAKHER ROX ! King Mo, have you tried that attracting HookahHookah green apple ? Is it worth the smoke ? I really need to know coz if I order some on the website, can't get any others brands in the same delivery (call me a frustrated european) These stories of shelf life are interesting. Got to get neat airtight plastic boxes ! To me the massel doesn't seem to degrade over time... at worst it's just the juice drippin down and separating itself from the tobacco, then you just have to stir it
  3. Fumystery

    How often do you change hoses?

    got that syrian hose from Hookah Shisha since October, still ok 
  4. thought you didn't like that margarita massel at first Mathazar maybe hookah-hookah creates some craving after a few bowls
  5. Just to mention that www.shisha-pipe.uk now sells Al-Waha Makes Al Waha much more affordable for us europeans Maybe i'll give it a try when i have more money
  6. massel is cooked not burnt
  7. Fumystery

    The wonderful world of diffusers

    does it change the sound of teh bubbles ?
  8. haven't tried it but everyone who has tested it seems to recommend it...
  9. I was wondering about dropping some water in the massel, to help prevent burning... Maybe it could last longer during smoke ? Or is it a dumb idea ? Did someone try ? Any other suggestions instead of water ?
  10. [quote name='Mathazar']I thought the Al-Fakher Strawberry sucked.  I couldn't taste ANYTHING! It was amongst the worst Strawberry brands I'd ever tasted.  It was a smooth smoke,  like all AF flavors,  but it wasn't outstandingly flavorful.  Infact,  as I mentioned, it really didn't taste like anything.  Maybe I got a bad batch.[/quote] I totally disagree with you. Whether you liked it or not, AF Strawberry has overwhelming taste, in fact a bit too strong for a solo session.  It's a good tobacco to smoke with friends !
  11. about charcoal holding, the cutest holder is at www.smoking-hookah.com
  12. Fumystery


    lol I'm going to test some Al Waha flavours soons, getting a bit bored of Al Fakher
  13. Fumystery

    Hooka Types

    MOD = good hookah for party... that actually survives the party Though the multi hosed ones don't come with autoseal
  14. Fumystery

    MYA hookah website. . .

    isn't crystal a bit too expensive ?  I thought it'd be more fragile alsoBut i'm no materials engineer ^^
  15. Fumystery

    Unofficial List Created

    This one is enough for me