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  1. A good friend of mine, Skip, loves to take builds to the next level. Here is his latest, made with only two pieces of kanthal.
  2. Sounds like you aren't using enough water. Make sure you have at least an inch of the downstem in the water.
  3. ryno

    Red spots on Coconaras

    I would get new coals to be safe. Coals are slightly porous, which leads me to believe the fluid could have absorbed into them.
  4. ryno

    Coughing Problem

    Fantasia for some reason likes to make me cough alot too. Never figured out why.
  5. https://www.hookah-shisha.com/c-21-nakhla.html
  6. ryno

    Beer Snobs Unite

    I haven't ventured up there yet, but it seems like a nice town. If you love doing outdoor stuff, this is the state to be in!
  7. ryno

    Beer Snobs Unite

    I recently moved to Denver, so I have a whole new world of beer to explore. I've had alot of stuff from Odell Brewery and they make some damn good beer.
  8. Sounds like a good idea. I always used to put some liquid mint extract in the base. Throat chilling cool smoke.
  9. I'm just curious as to where everyone is at. I still find myself enjoying hookah but not as often as I used to. I used to smoke multiple times a day and enjoy it. Now i smoke around once a week and vape more throughout the week. I just don't have the time of day, or multiple people over to smoke with during the week, but the occasions I smoke on weekends either solo or with friends, I'm enjoying so much more than I used to. I'm really getting into vaping with building my own coils, but I never see myself quiting hookah.
  10. I'm still stuck on Static Starlight by Tangiers. Grape, lemon, and rose, tis delcious.
  11. ryno

    Selling all my vape stuff...

    Might want to pick up the white box mod at the end of the week if it's still available
  12. ryno

    Hood Check (show off your builds)

    Simple .3 build with 26g kanthal in my dark horse. Nothing too fancy but it does chuck out some damn good clouds!
  13. I second the Nakhla Double Apple. Also, give Static Starlight from Tangiers and look. I literally always have some on hand, and it's placed with every order.
  14. ryno

    What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    High caliber peach bomb. Locally made in Fort Wayne, IN. If you love peach flavor I can get some and work out a trade.
  15. ryno

    I need help

    If you need a good seal at the stem and base, alot of people will wrap hockey tape around the stem to get a good fit.
  16. I must have missed that one. .. whoops. Can a mod add that one to it?
  17. ryno

    Da Bomb?

    That almost looks like something that Meduse hookahs would make.
  18. I'm with what jay said for hookah. If you like peach flavor for vaping, there a local shop making a peach bomb flavor that is amazing. Pm I'd your interested and want to trade some juice
  19. ryno

    Vertical Coils

    I just picked up a mutation x v3 a few weeks ago. I wish i would have seen this before i rebuilt my coils today. Now i know my next build.
  20. ryno


    I saw the bottom of the page, 440 guests viewing!
  21. You could always slap some jb weld on the inside and have an extra stem haha. That's definitely a manufacturer defect or it got damaged somewhere along the way
  22. ryno

    Kashmir Blue?!?!

    Yup. Im smoking it now and it is blue flower and kashmir. SO much flavor!
  23. ryno

    Kashmir Blue?!?!

    Well I had them acclimating and the kcherry just smelled too damn good so I had it instead. I am going to give the kblue a go today though.
  24. ryno

    Kashmir Blue?!?!

    My order should be here tomorrow and I'll try it out and let you guys know