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  1. I prefer ~1.8 ohms (better battery life)
  2. I have a 2009 tangiers small if you're interested?
  3. the pyrex glass looks a little funky- is that from your camera or is it uneven?
  4.   You know what I meant, lol. Technically they're all RBAs... Just trying to distinguish between them as the Internet as labeled them.   Jon, mind sharing your reasons why you prefer RBAs?     Sure. I am pretty lazy and like the convenience of not having to drip ;)   Dripping is cool and the flavor produced by dripping is probably much better. Not worth the hassle though!
  5. $20 shipped for the fogger since you're my boy?  :wub:
  6. Chris, this is an awesome start. I think adding videos for tutorials would take this to the next level (for builds). What tutorial did you use for the fogger?
  7. what wire are you using chris?
  8. provaris are pretty dope though! made in usa AMERICA
  9. You bought a fogger! Good man. Have you got her going yet?
  10.   Yikes, you're right. I'm not sure if that violates the rules but I stumbled across a contest they were running on another forum. My bad!
  11. Have you guys seen this? Looks pretty bizarre. It's an interesting concept given the coal studies that John has been doing.
  12. Sweet. I have actually been doing all of the graphic design work for killer liquid. They are really nice guys and their juice is great for the price!
  13.   So.. ok. You somehow managed to categorize all forms of smoking as a fad while ignoring hookah. Jesus. I appreciate that you have an opinion but your level of bias limits any potential discussion within the thread itself. I guess that I will at least try to provide you with some insight:   1. Vaping is actually cheaper than hookah. 2. I doubt the choice to vaporize is readily dependent on how it looks. Who gives a fuck? 3. It seems as though you are ignorant to how vaporizing works (I am assuming that you would have an issue with someone making a generalization about how horrible hookah is when, in reality, they have only smoked shitty tobacco that was poorly packed out of Chinese garbage).   I have not smoked hookah since I picked up a vaporizer. I started smoking hookah because I truly enjoy smoking and did not like any of the other forms of consumption at the time. Hookah is cool and all but I just do not see myself really smoking anymore. I highly recommend that you do some research on vaporizers and educate yo self.
  14.   You only live once so your health matters. The alternative view is a testament of age and ignorance (or depression).
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