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  1. Hookah Stash Contest

    haha mya qt 2 hoses 2 bowls 250s of lemon nahkla capp nahkla mango af guava af mint af blue mist starbuzz keeps me happy i guess i smoke like once a week so...
  2. Help With My Cat!

    i name all my pets by super smash characters not cuz i really like the game but just cuz a lot of the names are really good for it. i currently have a dog named yoshi and a cat kirby. try that out
  3. Badr, Torrent, Or Other?

    i got the badr and its amazing
  4. How Often Do You Smoke

    i smoke usually 3 days a week, or five when im on break, and each day is usually 2 bowls split three to five ways
  5. Im planning on getting: AF Mint and Watermelon Box of 3K 40mm Modern Bowl I was wondering if theres anyway to get some gaskets because i dont see them on the site
  6. What Should I Smoke?

    NICE, with the strawberry crystal light in the vase!
  7. What Should I Smoke?

    buck it im mixing all 3
  8. Sorry not much of a choice but: Nahkla Strawberry or Mango AF Grap
  9. Bad Day Turned Good

    yea dog, fights in the wrestling room are okay with the coach as long as they stay in the room and we shake it off. seem to happen daily.
  10. Mini Hookah

    This hookah is amazing: http://www.hookahcompany.com/dark_blue_mar...h_2121_prd1.htm
  11. New Order

    yea when i get some money he shall be receiving my shisha order
  12. New Order

    im definitely ordering that soon.
  13. yep i guess they are fake, but when i get some money i should be getting some real ones. Not bad fakes to be honest though
  14. yea mine look absolutely nothing like that. are there different types of foil for them?
  15. Brand New Hookah

    dont have a camera, can you post pictures with a cellphone?