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  1. the hookah hitman

    And the bastardization has began

    Who can forget . . . <img src="[url="http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccoshop/images/photos/d95-406-L.jpg"][color="#800080"] [url=http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccoshop/images/photos/D9]http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccosho...mages/photos/D9[/url] 5-406-L.jpg" border="5"><br><br>or<br><br> <img src=" [url="http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccoshop/images/photos/D9"]http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccosho...mages/photos/D9[/url] 6-405-L.jpg" border="5"><img <br><br> and then there is always. . .<br><br><img src=" [url="http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccoshop/images/photos/D9"]http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccosho...mages/photos/D9[/url] 7-404-L.jpg[/color]" border="5"><img
  2. the hookah hitman

    And the bastardization has began

      src="[url="http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccoshop/images/photos/d95-406-L.jpg"] [url="http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccoshop/images/photos/d9"]http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccosho...mages/photos/d9[/url][/url] 5-406-L.jpg" border="5"><br><br>or<br><br> <img src=" [url="http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccoshop/images/photos/d9"]http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccosho...mages/photos/d9[/url] 6-405-L.jpg" border="5"><img <br><br> and then there is always. . .<br><br><img src=" [url="http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccoshop/images/photos/d9"]http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tobaccosho...mages/photos/d9[/url] 7-404-L.jpg://http://www.tobaccoimportusa.com/tob.../a> 7-404-L.jpg" border="5"><img
  3. the hookah hitman


    I haven't smoked cinnamon tangiers, but I have smoked a few other flavors of Tangiers.  It is very different, I will give it that, but definently a MANS smoke.  Full, uncut leaves of BLACK sticky tobacco.  Quite harsh, kind of oily.  Try it for yourself.
  4. the hookah hitman


  5. the hookah hitman

    BIG HOOKAH + 40’’

    try calling karavan imports.  They sell hookahs on ebay.  Located in Fullerton, CA. I believe they have some rotators that are 4 to 5 feet tall.  6 hoses.
  6. the hookah hitman

    Price brand Apricot - A pleasant surprise

    I say go for it, but don't pay too much, anything over 10$ for Prince is absolutely criminal.
  7. the hookah hitman

    Price brand Apricot - A pleasant surprise

    Mushrat, I have now tried banana, which is quite good B+, and kiwi, which is fairly good B.  I dont recommend watermelon.   -HH
  8. the hookah hitman

    Japanese Coals

    Make sure you get real Japanese coals and not imitation japanese coals from CHINA.  One exception is the coconut coals from. . . I think Indonesia, they are different from Japanese coals but equally good.  They get your fingers a little messy tho.
  9. the hookah hitman

    Taqseem New Site

    Wow, this is an amazing site.  Very futuristic.  Can you order direct from the website?
  10. the hookah hitman

    Too much to ask?

    [quote name='cobrabyte']I don't know if other companies are running their companies illegally and I retract that statement. I've been spending so much time with our attorney that this is all I hear. As far as we know, to stay compliant, you have to get a person's ID. So, to say that companies (doing business from the U.S.) who are not doing this are running their businesses illegally is not a lie ... perhaps they are under some cloak of protection that we've not discovered?  -Chris[/quote] What is your problem?  You say you are going to "retract that statement", and then you simply restate it in the same paragraph.  Why cant you just let the subject die?  Nobody cares. The end.
  11. the hookah hitman

    Too much to ask?

    [quote name='cobrabyte']There are a few other, proprietary things we are rolling in ... but those need to be kept hush-hush until they are implemented. It's weird to think that you may wake up one day and find that we're one of the few companies still online because the others have been shut down. Oh well ... here's to friendly competition! -c[/quote] Hey cobrabite.   Your posts are getting a little abusive.  You are a vender, a salesman, and you are using this website to sell your stuff, and inevitably, badmouth other websites.  "Other companies are running their companies illegaly."  First of all, I don't believe you.  Second of all, even if this is true, it is none of my business, and none of anyones business except those companies and the law.  It sounds to me like you are pulling some kind of stunt to shut down other websites.  Why are you telling us about it?  We don't care.  We want shisha, we want it fast, we want it fresh, and we want it cheap.  I could care less about anything else.   I can't speak for everyone on this forum, but I don't feel like this forum was created for you to solicit business everyday (which you absolutely do) and spread HYPE about who will and will not be shut down be the government.  This is BAD BUSINESS, Chris.  Don't look forward to my order.  
  12. the hookah hitman

    i need a wholesale vendor

    I know Nick and George from thehookah.com personally and have dealt with them several times.  They are great to deal with and have good, consistant products.  They are definately on the level.  I know of socialsmoke too, I hear they are good people. 
  13. the hookah hitman

    Double filtering? Supercooling?

    I dont think that physics would allow that, but nice try.
  14. the hookah hitman

    Al-Fakher free samples

    How did the envolope hold up in the mail?  Did the bag leak at all?
  15. the hookah hitman

    Al-Fakher free samples

    Anyone receive their sample yet?