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  1. Worst Brands/flavors

    acid purple haze makes me gag =x
  2. Breaking Coals

    I just score with a knife and snap, works perfect for me
  3. This Is How You Light Some Coals!

    Extremely. The raw glass is somewhat cheap, but the valve/stopcock assemblys are about $50 each.
  4. This Is How You Light Some Coals!

    Pretty long, it's refillable and everything so it depends how much you fill it. Its more efficient than I thought it would be.
  5. This Is How You Light Some Coals!

    Sorry, i can't in good conscious sell one of these to someone hahah. High pressure flammable glass in glass vessel that shoots fire...it would literally turn into a bomb if dropped
  6. This Is How You Light Some Coals!

    [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1296866682' post='496808'] heh, thats how you set your floors on fire... damn cool though. [/quote] Haha I've already learned that lesson, now I have that nifty cork circle to burn instead
  7. How Often?

    1-3 bowls a day
  8. This was just made today, 100% lampworked Borosillicate glass...well except for the Teflon valve/stopcock. http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c334/paiintballa182/0e0535a6.mp4 Holla!
  9. A Few Of Mine.

    Sweet bowls, gotta love the Borosillicate
  10. nomnomnom chocolate biscuit
  11. Custom Glass Bowls, Bring Your Designs!

    no doubt, drop me a pm
  12. Custom Glass Bowls, Bring Your Designs!

    Heavily depending on what kind of color work you had in mind I could do the bowl, mod and screen set from ~$35 all clear to ~$50-200 color. One like in the link you posted would be on the more inexpensive side of the color scale.
  13. Custom Glass Bowls, Bring Your Designs!

    I'm sure I can. Pm me exactly what you want and let's get one on top of your pipe! [quote name='jorlyfish' timestamp='1296449678' post='496243'] Yes it is, good eye! A Holga self-portrait. [/quote] Sweet! Add me if you have a flickr www.flickr.com/bryankisamonster
  14. Custom Glass Bowls, Bring Your Designs!

    Yeah, it seems to look alot like that one, but it's only the second one so.. Whateva! I'll change up the design tomorrow =] Sweet avy btw, holga?