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  1. so how much honey are you adding and how are you doing it?
  2. get rid of those gay quick lights and use something you can burn on a stove. Size of the hookah doesn't matter, it's the bowl and shisha. I use 3 japs and place them around 3 corners of the bowl. Well, i really use exoticas and movin to coconara's, which burn A LOT hotter so watch out cause they'l get ya!! Serously though, buy a small electic stove and buy some sultan japs just to start off with. they're the easiest to learn from before you get to the bigger and harder coals to deal with. also, if the shisha is really juicy, which is a good thing, it's harder to burn.
  3. how about "Skeeeee Tobacco". mmmmmmmm sounds good
  4. BDA88

    Tobacco Keeps Burning

    QUOTE (1Love @ Jun 25 2008, 11:07 PM) sorry for the delay. here are some pics that may help in preventing harsh pulls and burnt bowls. I hope this will help!!! sorry for the large pics as well, i suck at computers: this is a normal egyption bowl, pack the sides leaving a hole in the center of the bowl so that air flows free. pack to top of bowl edge. you do not have to pack this way, however if you pack the entire bowl with tobacco, make sure air can flow through or heat will get stuck in the bowl and thus burn it. tastes like kaka begin making holes on the outer rim and work your way to the center. in the dead center add a slightly larger hole (sorry this one is not dead center hahaha) place the coals on the outer edge of the bowl. and enjoy friends! So you're basically packing it like phunnel? How bout this. If you want a bowl to never get harsh... just buy a phunnel bowl. I'l try that out though and see if it works. It just takes time to get good with the coals. that's where all the heat comes from anyways. just manage the coals better
  5. What's really popular where I work is we mix starbuzz Mango, Guava, and Peach. Adding juice works really well too. If you smoke tropical punch, throw in some HI-C or some punch drink in the base... But make sure that you clean it out really well. Orange juice with AF orange is nice too
  6. BDA88

    Af Vanilla

    Get some AF orange or mint. Those mix wel wtih AF vanilla
  7. QUOTE (hookah hippie @ Jun 25 2008, 12:22 PM) Keep your tangiers in something airtight but be sure to accumulate it before you smoke it It can be smoked in a standard bowl but I do perfer using the phunnel happy smoking +1 If you pack it in aregular bowl make sure it's packed down tight and not to high. Tangiers burns hoter after it gets going. i'd buy a new phunnel
  8. i thought tangiers was a lot higher. What website are you looking these off of? These are Retail right?
  9. BDA88

    How Often Do You Smoke

    One bowl a night average to myself (even if i'm with more people) at least. Sometimes more.
  10. BDA88


    If you got it from Hookah-Shisha, well, they are known to be kinda bad sometimes. If you think you got a bad hookah and it's brand new just tel them and you can return it and get a newer one.
  11. BDA88


    It happens to a lot of hookah since that is one part that is not cleaned out as well as all the other parts of the hookah so it is normal. I would brush it out from time to time but putting a gromit over it will do the trick. No harm done really.
  12. BDA88

    Green Discharge?

    I'd check to see if your hookah is rusting on the inside as well and clean it out after every session. It could just be build up of rust/mold but i doubt that. What kind of hookah is it happening from?
  13. BDA88

    Zona Tobacco

    web site looks good. I would fix the problem on the prices though. I'm seeing something weird there like everyone else
  14. BDA88

    Hookah On Tv

    i was bored with my buddies and smoking hookah and we were watching rock of love 2 on VH1 and for this special date thing it was set up as an arab atmosphere and they had a hookah, not smoking it, but it was funny! I don't know, but it mad us happy