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  1. Sethram

    Hookah And Diabetes

    Thanks guys. I didn't think it'd be a problem, but I figured to err on the side of safety just in case.
  2. Hey guys, long time no post! Anyway, I've been meaning to take my hookah over to a friends place as they've never smoked before. However, he's got diabetes and I'm not sure what kind of effect the molasses in the tobacco might have. I'd assume little since I've not heard anything about it and internet searches only bring up the negative effects of smoking cigarettes with diabetes. So any diabetics here smoke hookah? Does it screw with your blood sugar level any?
  3. Sethram

    Your Favorite?

    I'm a big fan of AF Vanilla. It's like smoking cake frosting though, so I usually add it to a fruit flavor or something instead. 3/4 AF Vanilla and 1/4 of a good mint is awesome.
  4. Sethram

    Do You Guys Shave, And How Often?

    If I don't shave every day or two, I have a decent start to a beard in a week. I go through phases with my facial hair. Either I've got something going on like a chinstrap or goatee and short hair, or a cleanshaven face while I let my hair go. Currently I have a short trim beard. I have to keep my neck and upper cheeks shaved as I try to keep it a certain shape.
  5. Sethram

    Need A Ban Picture

    It will need some photoshoppping, but when I think giant ninja robot, I think Gundam Spiegel. It's not obvious just by looking that it is a ninja mecha, but it's piloted by a German Ninja so close enough? EDIT: Oh yeah, I guess it'll take just a little bit of photoshopping for text, but that's not hard to do. Someone else can come up with something wittier than I can.
  6. Sethram

    Hookah's In Movie

    This is a bit of a necromantic bump, but I figured it's better than making yet another one of these threads Colonel Gentleman on the Venture Brothers was shown to be smoking a hookah at one point. There's also a hookah in Ergo Proxy smoked by one of the minor characters that they leave at the site of his grave.
  7. Sethram

    How Do You Pronounce Hookah?

    I've taken to calling it Narghila, at least online. I'll mention going to a hookah lounge and get strange responses. I've also noticed a few people calling the shisha "Shish(sheesh)" around here, which is somewhat amusing. A couple friends of mine get irritated when they call it that since it tends to be the way those from fraternities say it.
  8. I went to a friends place who had a tiny little Mya. First of all, his ball bearing was stuck so I had to unstick it for him. Second of all, he had a tiny bowl that was only a bit bigger than the diameter of the coal that he didn't break up. We burnt the shit out of that first bowl. So for the second one I prepped it for him and just used quarters of the QL. After that it was just peachy. Good thing is I got to show someone their faults in setting up their hookah.
  9. Sethram

    Got Dumped..

    QUOTE (Exano @ Nov 3 2008, 02:07 PM) Apparently she cheated on me the weekend before she left me. She felt a connection with the guy and said "It worked for us, im really sorry". I was flabbergasted, like seriously all our time vs. one hookup? I told her good luck, but you betrayed all of my love for you, my trust, you lied to me, you told me you were working late the day you hooked up with him, you betrayed me, you cheated on me, and i'll never be able to forgive or trust you again. So much for that one! Good riddance. See, this is just fucked up. I know that honesty is usually the best policy, but after the break up this isn't something you need to hear. After hearing this, screw her, you're better off now.
  10. Sethram

    Halloween Sessions...

    I went to a local hookah bar with a friend who moved out of state 4 months ago. We ended up seeing lots of old friends that neither of us have seen in a long time, so that was awesome. Afterword we went out for a drive and parked at a spot that overlooks a reservoir here and just talked for hours on end about stuff I've never discussed with anyone before. It was awesome.
  11. Yeah, I've been to Algiers here in Fort Collins, which is ran by the same people who run Istanbul. It's pretty nice, about the same atmosphere but about a quarter of the size, unfortunately. Nargile Nights is also here in Fort Collins and it's larger, yet I haven't smoked there as of now.

  12. Yeah I have been there quite a few times, still haven't made my way to the fortco hookah bars though. Are they good?

  13. Sethram

    No Really, Rick Says Sorry..

    Apology accepted, Mr. Asstley
  14. You probably already know of the place, but hit up Istanbul in Greeley. It's a pretty nice hookah bar. Me and a few friends from Fort Collins occasionally take a trip south to hit it up.