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  1. So I Bought A Smokerlyzer

    Have you tried lump coal like some hookah bars/codename use?
  2. So I Bought A Smokerlyzer

    Thanks for the update. If possible may I try the unit after Stuie? I'm willing to set up a controlled experiment. 
  3. So I Bought A Smokerlyzer

      Thank you for elaborating on the test procedures. It seems that there is some control to stabilize the absorption from the lungs to the air.....This is a bit alarming. Time to get into the E coal business.
  4. Guess Who's Gonna Be A Daddy...

    Whoo, congrats! Now you must amass a bunch of dad jokes before this bundle is birthed.
  5. The Force speaks to me. It tells me you are the chosen one. Go forth on the journey you were destined for.
  6. So I Bought A Smokerlyzer

      I love data. But it is worth nothing if not framed appropriately. I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to do this.   Since this is taking the readings from the breath how long after the listed puff are you breathing into the tester. Are there a few cleansing breaths to clear your lungs of the free vapor to see how much CO diffuses back into the fresh air you breathe? How long do you hold the fresh breath before exhaling into the tester?
  7. $60 Bowl

    Mexican Pesos? That is like $76
  8. Depression Ftl

    Sheez Stuie. You are just running on full burners.
  9. I find with piggybacking I get a bit of chemical flavor as they are lighting. Even with the Goldens I got from Eric in SD. Maybe I'm just being a sissyboy.
  10. Hope you have a garden hose to fill it. I gifted Stuie an obnoxiously large vase a while back.
  11. Fs: Syrian Nawras + Bohos

    I hear the distant cracking of a whip.
  12. $60 Bowl

      exactly   mr indian ... nice to see you back!   Nice to see y'all too. I see you are a peddler of Nakhla these days.   I'm going to go in a corner and whisper sweet nothings to my unused mini superchiefs.
  13. $60 Bowl

    Is packing a regular bowl and putting coal on it that inconsistent? I've been away from a bit, see a few things like this, the inversion bowl and the kaloud lotus. I've never had issue with a phunnel and some foil.   BTW I'm still alive.
  14. Tea...

    Hahaha. I became a bit of a tea fiend for a while. What I got for Stuie was Rishi Tea. They make some really good teas. They are not the cheapest teas I've found but I do like em a lot. Their Green Mint, Jasmine Green, and Earl Grey Rock socks!
  15. Iain's Bike Thread

    I am currently enjoying my Triumph Daytona 675