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  1. Aprils issue is going to be a great one. Articles include: Know Your Nargile, Behind the Veil (a belly dancers tale), The Truth About Earthday: Blue Goes Green, More Hookavations, Battle of the Brands: Strawberry, Album Reviews and MORE! Be on the lookout, new issue arrives April 1st. In the meantime, take some time and fill out our survey, join our street team, and help get the word out! The more support we have from you, the more we get from businesses and the longer we can keep this publication free, so check out our sponsors!
  2. Mya QT gets my endorsement. Great size, sturdy, great center pieces.
  3. Hey guys, if you havent heard, the first issue of Blue Elephant: Hookah and Subculture Magazine is up and running in its "beta" version. Go check it out free of charge at www.bluelephanthookah.com . Let us know what you think.
  4. QUOTE (SimplexCoda @ Mar 4 2008, 08:56 PM) Sad times, but at least it will be available in PDF form. IS this going to be extra costs or avail. for the regular subscription prices? Also when can we start subscribing? Well, we talked it over and we are going to try and keep it free for as long as possible. We are in talks with some major shisha tobacco companies about advertising, as well as some online wholesalers, so if that goes through we might be able to keep it a free service. If not, PDF files would be available only to subscribers, as would the majority of content in the magazine. But for now, enjoy the magazine FREE OF CHARGE!!!
  5. Wont be in print unless its a huge success and we get enough money to pay the overhead fees. However, we will make it available to download in PDF form so you can have a hard copy. Eventually, we would like to move it to print, but just don't have the resources to do so at this time.
  6. Yeah, I haven't mentioned the first issue yet because we had some technical problems and there were a few pages missing (the actual ratings for battle of the brands, heh). So, check back in a day or two and we should have most everything running properly. Stick with us guys, we're improving the site and magazine everyday. And again, if you have any suggestions or want to contribute, just email me or anyone else from the magazine, we're always open to hear your opinions. Glad you enjoy it.
  7. QUOTE (HookahDude831 @ Mar 2 2008, 05:48 PM) funny thing is, ordinary citizens cannot talk on the phone and drive. A law enforcement officer is on his nextel, the radio, The computer, His personal phone, and usually has some sort of beverage while driving. now who is in the wrong? Yeah, I actually thought about that the other day when a cop pulled up next to me and was talking into his radio. If they are so worried, shouldnt cops have handsfree radios? And isnt texting (even though I dont do it because I like to keep my eyes on the road at all times) alot like reading from their computer screens as an incident occurs? Either way, I went to court and they were charging me with $415... after going through the run-around they knocked off most of it and I walked out of the court room $60 poorer (more then the amount for a bluetooth). Guys I'll have to wait till next paycheck.
  8. The website is now up and running but the first issue wont be available until a few more days (the 2nd). Pimp it. We will also be creating a street team in the next few weeks, so if you are interested, make sure to sign up for our mailing list under "contact" to receive more info about that. www.blueelephanthookah.com
  9. QUOTE (PhishPhood @ Feb 28 2008, 03:28 PM) Sounds great man! I cant wait for the first issue. Thanks. First issue is going to be available within the first week of March. I'll give you the official date in a day or two. The first issue is going to be a little smaller then usual because we are short on money but as we get more sponsors and more regulars, it will continue to grow with us. But, it is turning out very nice so far and I think you guys will enjoy it, not to mention we are going to make it FREE for as long as we can (if we get enough advertisement)!!!
  10. QUOTE (chinamon @ Feb 28 2008, 02:15 PM) QUOTE (jordanneff @ Feb 28 2008, 09:11 PM) Either, but most of all I'd prefer to be able to download a PDF file, that way I could print it out because with magazines I really prefer to be able to read them on the go (ie: on the bus or killing time between classes at college) you know, when a computer isn't as readily available, and PDF's are great for that +1. even though i spend many hours a day doing absolutely nothing on the internet, i still prefer my magazines in print. We will have PDF available for all members (those who sign up) and also for everyone a month after the issue is released. That way members can download, print out spreads that they like (hot girls smoking hookah), or whatever else you want. Keep your input coming, we want this to be as much yours as it is ours. Your opinions really do matter. Thanks.
  11. I've had some questions about the website and designs come up and I wanted to get some info from you guys. How many of you guys would prefer a site in flash, and how many in HTML/Flash?
  12. QUOTE (anathema @ Feb 20 2008, 01:57 AM) OP: It's the law? Thanks for the laugh.
  13. QUOTE It is reallly a matter of concentration, and holding a conversation on a phone while you are driving means that you aren't fully concentrating on driving. Some people can get away with it. Some people can't. Usually I'm on the phone with some girl blabbering about her cat or whatever so... I'm not really paying attention to the converstation anyways. haha. But, happy to get your guy's opinions on the matter.
  14. Thanks. We are too. Its been a long and tedious time getting it off the ground. And we are VERY short staffed so its just a few guys having to do all the work. But, the end product is looking great thus far, cant wait to share it with you guys.
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