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  1. Hey Im new in Toronto and I need a hookup for shisha cause most of the shops charge excessively. Are you willing to sell? If so for how much?

  2. Ajnabi

    Reviving Dry Shisha

    Honey works well too!
  3. Ajnabi

    Tin Foil Vs. Screen

    QUOTE (hungry hungry puffer @ Feb 28 2008, 04:27 PM) im going with foil also-do you know if the thickness of the foil effects how fast the shisha gets burned? yes, the thickness of the foil does make a difference. Dont buy cheap thin foil or the foil will burn the molases right under it very quickly and it will char... If u have very thin foil, i suggest u double it up... And thicken the holes in this case since the foil is double!
  4. Ajnabi

    Couple Of Questions

    as clichea mentioned, you are better off putting the ice in the water... But make sure that the level of the water doesnt go up too much or the pull will be hard. the phunnel will definitely help!
  5. Ajnabi

    Wtt Mya Qt

    i have 2 hookah's my brother picked up from dubai... and one that i got from the local grocery store... But i'm not sure about shipping to NY... shipping charges here are crazy (Toronto, CA)
  6. Ajnabi

    Human Head Hookah

    QUOTE (mushrat @ Feb 21 2008, 02:42 AM) Excellent. For A munite there I thought one of my buddies had started this thread...he's an undertakeer you see...and well.. hah... damn musrat... when i read the topic, i thought something like that too... LoL
  7. Ajnabi

    Wtt Mya Qt

    where are you located?
  8. Ajnabi

    Canadian Smokers

    Mississauga/Toronto, ON
  9. Ajnabi

    Hello Everyone

    cool cool... we need more canadians on this board
  10. as an example, a 1kg package from Niagara Falls, ontario to Mississauga, Ontario (where i live) is turning out to be $18.68 CAD Ohh, and i put the dimensions as 15cmx15cmx15cm <--- this is just an estimate... i'm not sure how big the actual box is
  11. It might... The problem is that the canadian postal services are very expensive. light parcel costs about $10 to post to a town that is 30km away from mine. If you post 1kg of flavour, the price would be astronomical. i will check the canadapost site and see if i can get an estimate... Towards what side do u life?
  12. dushira, what site did u order the flavour from?
  13. Ajnabi

    Hello Everyone

    w0rd up people... Just happen to stumble upon this site while i was researching some shisha stuff... site looks awesome