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  1. Congrats man! Any plans for the next year?
  2. I didn't like my KM hose it leaked quite a bit..
  3. x on the beach, blue mist, lemon tea...all fantastic
  4. Why is your ex coming over?
  5. Af Order

    watermelon ftw!
  6. I can smoke in my dorm...
  7. Km Exotica

    Which is the store selling these? I am strangly moved to buy one.
  8. New World-wide Holiday!

    Too bad it is like June gloom in May right now.
  9. Puff

    i just read their site. From the sound of they use herbal shisha. soex? ew.
  10. Quest For The Perfect Yager Hookah

    Cool. stealing stuff. rad.
  11. Where are you smoking in that picture?
  12. Really?

    I kinda like the base. =[
  13. For Local Pickup Only; Km Trimeta

    What price are you looking for? I may have my sister pick it up and send it home with my mother who is there right now. Let me know. I am ready to do this and VERY interested.