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  1. *head vs wall* i definitly got way over my head with this magazine thing

  2. Apoc Genesis

    New Idea- Hope You Like It

    You sir have cojones. And a pretty good knack for inventing stuff. Be very careful with that though. Glass is silica, and breathing in that stuff will give you REALLY serious health problems that are worse than tobacco. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silica#Other_health_effects
  3. yay for hookah small business!!! i have neither the paitence or the business savvy to open up my own lounge although the idea is pretty sweet. theres one lounge in particular by me i go to even though I have my own hookah cause they not only have an excellent atmosphere but also amazing food and a stock of hookahs for retail. funny note, ive also noticed older people (30-40+, businessy types) going into hookah cafes more often. its nice to see that it isnt just a 2000s college kid trend
  4. Apoc Genesis

    Panic Attacks

    This might sound a little random but I could really use any help/advice/anything at all For the past few months I've been getting panic attacks. At first I thought it was a side effect of me being sick, because when I started getting them I had strep throat or the flu or something like that. But I've been perfectly healthy and I'm still getting attacks when anything involving my health comes up. I know they are panic attacks because my heart doubles in beating, my chest gets all tight even thought I'm breathing perfectly fine, and I just all over feel this giant fear of...something. I'm getting an EKG tomorrow to make sure but I'm fairly positve all of this crap is in my head. It started to get really bad when I started working out and eating right so I could loose some extra weight and look good. But now its not just about looking good I've spent so much time trying to be healthy that it isn't healthy anymore. I'm doing well as far as losing weight goes and I like the progress I've made but I can't keep these weird attacks from coming. I had one randomly when I was shopping for school and I almost went to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack or a stroke. I know it sounds completly unrealistic and unreasonable but this is turning into a legit fear and I need to catch it before i really turn into a hypochondriac. Does anyone know anything at all about panic attacks and how to get them to stop? Any feedback at ALL would really help me out =(
  5. Apoc Genesis

    In The Mail

    Draftguards so the hallway dosent reek of hookah smoke =P 4-6 weeks my ass...
  6. Apoc Genesis


    QUOTE (GNUWorldOrder @ Jan 8 2009, 10:09 PM) QUOTE (gixxer @ Jan 8 2009, 09:33 PM) Sorry to add this in, but those of you on college campus' what are you using to protect yourself? I've got peer guardian and I'm hesistant because people are getting popped of left and right for downloading torrents. You cannot really function at school without an internet connection. Greg i have whats left of the us court system and the EFF and what not. my school has already shown that it disregards the constitution and hands over any information the RIAA wants because they "have proof that people were downloading music". iirc there hasnt be 1 case that didnt settle out of court yet. the RIAA are a cartel that target people that cant finicially defend themselves such as grannies, broke single moms and college kids. THey also say they have the right to defend artists not signed to their lable which is bullshit. id recommend totally boycotting bands on riaa records if you can or at least music heard over the radio. right to defend artists not signed to their label? thats sick. i have not bought music in five years and i will never again as long as music is dominated by organized crime
  7. Apoc Genesis


    Hey there all If you have invites to give, I'll be in. I have a couple of neat files to upload and i hope to get more. I'm looking to get some new academic books that arent going to cost me $300 a semester
  8. Apoc Genesis

    A String Of Bad Luck =(

    i think im going to do that for the bigger pieces, but for the small ones just coloring in the black should work fine i think
  9. Apoc Genesis

    A String Of Bad Luck =(

    I'm definitly going to have to look into the carpet repair =) Unfortunatly I have to use quicklights because we have no stove in our room, and the kitchen is 6 floors down so it makes natural coals impractical. Next year we'll be getting a kitchen so hopefully ll be able to use much better coals. I also think i'm gonna have to change the way I ash my coals. For now I've packed my hookah up for the next few weeks until inspections come around, and any smoking will be done outside. Its gonna be freezing cold but i dont plan on having any more burns in my room. My carpet is mainly blue, so a mixture of toothpaste and blue ink will get the decoloration out?
  10. Let me just say before hand that i REALLY miss the chat =( OK so my new hookah is a big hit, and its my new baby. Unfortunatly, I've had some problems with coals that somehow keep ending up on the floor and burning our carpet. We now have like 6 or 7 coal sized holes in the carpet, and my roomates are freaking out because while they all smoke nobody wants to get fined for having a fire hazard in the dorm (as do I) I think the problem is the shape of my phunnel, because I have to reach up and around to place a coal thats been in the coal tray which puts it over the carpet. Also my problem has been with coals breaking over the carpet while they are in the tongs (and i am pretty sure I am not squeezing too hard) Theyr suggesting that we get a new hose thats longer, and IM willing to try it but thats not going to solve the coal problem. We're gonna be able to repair the holes but my roomates are getting kinda mad, which is unfortunate. Anybody have advice?
  11. Apoc Genesis

    Lady Has A Miscarrage...and Keeps It...

    That picture where he's in the little blanket by himself? The fetus looks like the guy who plays Julius Ceaser in that Rome show on HBO
  12. Apoc Genesis

    Abortion Right Or Wrong

    True. But everyone's situation is different, and I don't feel its our place to say what a woman who we don't know and don't really care anything about should do with her potential baby. My honest opinion is that the human consciousness needs something larger than a 8 week old embryo to hold it. I see a embryo as a potential vessel for a human life, and should that embryo get destroyed that spirit will just move to the next available one. Look at one of them, we pretty much look like fish for the first few weeks anyway. Then again I also don't think life ends after death, but thats a whole other can of worms ^^ Personally, I would hope that I would be responsible enough to see that I would not get in that position, cause no matter what you do its heart breaking, and I would hate to have my kid be something I wasn't ready for. As for the torah quote, cancer cells are fruitful and multiply REALLY fast. I dont think we have the reources to spread across the world like a dissease anymore.
  13. Apoc Genesis

    Depression Ftl

    I also used to be very depressed. But this was a result of over medication for a bunch of made-up disseases, and my experience has made the subject of medicine rather bitter for me. Thank you Ritalin! =) You body talks to itself with chemicals. Its efficient if it works right, but seeing as how chemicals don't reason very well they can really mess things up if we say "I really would like to do something fun tonight" and our body's internal email churns out "Memo to all employees: this friday night will consist primarily of jack daniels and crying. Mood should be mainly angry with undertones of very, very sad. Thank you--Managment" I dont know much about homeopathic remedies, I got out of my rut by meditation and the realization that me feeling like shit was not actually me as a person but rather some asshole sending bad messages through my internal email. Once you realize that, they get ALOT easier to ignore. Step it up ninja! =) i know you will!
  14. Apoc Genesis

    People And Their Lame Stereotypes

    You should hear what lovely lovely Fox News was saying about Obama and his wife doing that little bump thing that they do. They called it a "terrorist fist bump". And they say that theyr un-biased.... Stereotypes are there for a reason, and they change over time. Its just taking someones culture and making a caricature out of it. As uncivilized and un-politically correct as it may seem, its just something that people do and I've grown to accept it. Now my family is Jewish, and even though I don't believe in that faith, I love my family and my upbringing cause I know they brought me up right. There are plenty of people even in my liberal white-bread college that poke fun at Jews being cheap and having big noses and things like that, including my roomate. Do I care? Absolutly not. There will be Jews that LOVE to play up to that sterotype because it makes them feel more connected with their culture, and I have those at my college too. They in turn have their own sterotypes, and so on and so forth. As great as it would be to think that everyone could be happy, loving, and completly prejudice free, rational people know that its not going to happen. Stereotypes have no place in a professional setting, or in government, that goes without saying. But as long as they arent planning to hurt anyone, what the fuck do I care if people think Jews are cheap or Muslims are terrorists or Indians smell or Mormons marry their siblings and cousins. Trash comes in all shapes sizes and colors. You could label trash anything you please and it still wont change what it is.
  15. Apoc Genesis

    Hookah - Bad For You?

    QUOTE (dattebayo @ Aug 28 2008, 02:13 AM) QUOTE (LycanLovesthePipe @ Aug 27 2008, 11:15 PM) Is it just me or does anyone else dislike the fact that hookah is becoming the "in" thing amongst people? Oh...and I rate hookah isn't as bad as smoking is. The isn't proper research done and the research that has been done is done on people who smoke hookah and cigs I don't really mind it becoming the in thing because fads come and go and if you're the hard-core type, you'll stay after it's gone. The bonus to the hookah aficionados is that with increased popularity, there normally comes an increase in availability of goods for the thing that's becoming popular, so there will probably be an influx higher quality stuff (as well as lower quality profiteering) with the growth in popularity. As well, there is a stigma attached to hookah smoking because it kinda looks foreign, and drug related to most people, with it becoming more in, it may grow in acceptance, and then just level off, just like most other things. So it doesn't bother me all that much. And I agree with your thing about not having enough research, there really isn't any... and people have been smoking pipes and hookahs for god knows how long, cigarettes are comparatively recent. Research will be flawed no matter what, because there is always some sort of controlling interest that wants to see results one way or another. The only scientific study I saw said that moderate hookah smoking only shows negligible elevations in cancer causing antigens than in non-smokers who are exposed to toxic air and whatever crap we breathe in normally. As for hookah being the in thing, I started because my fraternity brothers liked it, and I wanted to try something new. For me its become a social thing, and a sign of friendship and peace if I want to smoke hookah with you. Whether or not is popular is irrelevant for me, I enjoy the tranquility of smoking hookah with close friends and good music