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  1. I want to try milk in my hookah but im not sure how to do this. Should a small amount of milk be added, and what kind. Id prefer to use a milk found in the dairy section and not one that is in a crazy store down by the river. Any help would be fantastic, and i like details so be descriptive, or not. Your choice, its America.
  2. Good Apple?

    Anyone tried Sour Apple, dont remeber where i saw or who made it but common, how could Sour Apple taste like anise?
  3. I'm new to Hookah, and I was excited to try an apple flavor. My first mistake was trying Double Apple. I then had some Al-Fahker Red Apple, I think, and it also sucked, couldnt even tell it was apple. I would like to know if there is an apple flavor that actually tastes like apple.