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  1. bassman65

    Hookah Hookah Tobacco

    How much is left of the: blueberry, long island, and dazed my friends also love HH, I actually don't mind it
  2. bassman65

    Fs: Km Hookah Stem

    Also, I can take better pictures later, my card reader is not working atm I bought it straight from a KM store
  3. bassman65

    Fs: Km Hookah Stem

    So my KM's pretty base broke. I don't smoke hookah much anymore anyway, so I figured I would just sell the stem. I bought it about a month ago, but have only smoked out of it like 3 times. So its basically brand new. I think $40+shipping would be fair. Let me know! Remember, stem only, might throw in some other stuff too though I live in central jersery KM is on the left
  4. bassman65

    Greetings From Egypt

    Yup love the Egyptian culture although some of my female classmates are not Also thats the market I go to, and I just bought 2 250s of AF for <$12, and 2 Nakhla 250s for <$2 Still need to find some good bowls...
  5. bassman65

    Greetings From Egypt

    I'm tempted to buy more KMs, but I don't need any more pipes... I don't even need two They had a Fifa KM (thats what pimpyourhookah called it) and an ice chiller something or other and some pears as well Oh also a trimetal
  6. So I haven't posted here in forever, but I'm in Egypt by the way. Cairo that is, in an upscale area (island) called Zamalek. I'm here teaching kids of Sudanese refugees at a school in Maadi. Anyway, here are two hookahs I've recently acquired :> The left one is a KM. I choose a different base. Originally I choose a different stem, almost the same, but it wouldn't fit in the base. I got the stem and base for 75 LE ($13). This guy would not budge on the price at all. The right one is a nameless one that I bought at this really small shop run by some runt. I got him down from 125 to 70 LE for the base and stem. The downstem is huge on this one. Al Fakher is more expensive here than in the states. I got some sick mouth pieces, and the hoses were also dirt cheap. I just sold my old Egyptian brass hookah to my friend hoping to get out of the game, but couldn't resist these gorgeous hookahs. I wish the base on the right was a little more classy looking, the KM makes it look like a kindergarden craft. Bye bye
  7. bassman65

    Brass Egyptian For Sale....maybe

    I'll answer the PMs in a bit. ALSO, hopefully this doesn't change anyones mind. I forgot to mention that the stem screws apart at the top of the heart. Thats a plus in my book, because I can carry it around wherever in my backpack, but some people might not like that.
  8. Well recently I just haven't been feeling smoking. I have others things I want to spend my money on, and I just don't enjoy hookah enough to justify keeping it. So, I'll list everything I have to see if theres any interest. I'm not sure how I'll feel about this tomorrow, but right now I'm leaning towards selling it. Egyptian Brass Hookah My friend picked me this hookah up straight from Cairo. I got it in January and it has been used about 3 times a week since then. There is no visible corossion. The vase I sprayed some clear acrylic lacquer on, but its a little rough, so its not that shiney. You can also see my black nammor in this picture. I plan on dyeing the white part black, since its gotten pretty stained. Picture of the stem all shined up I also have about 150g+ of Layalina Peach, Raspberry, Grape, and Passion Fruit (edit: oh and strawberry kiwi) about 150g+ of Nakhla Double Apple, Coconut SS hemi bowl (small chip near the bottom), Tangiers small funnel, and a mya standard Let me know if you're interested.
  9. bassman65

    Im Done With...

    What do the nammor pipes use to cover the garden hose tubing? I think that'd make these DIY hoses a lot more attractive.
  10. bassman65

    Im Done With...

    Anyone have any good idea for a nice handle? When my nammor dies, I plan on going the DIY route, but I'd miss the long handle.
  11. I have a sore throat from smoking a cigar yesterday T_T. However, that didn't stop me from smoking today. I did a quick session of Pharaoh's fruitopia with a fake funnel and it was great. Right now I'm doing another fake funnel session with Layalina grape while working on my last paper for the semester. Finals are over, so I have a week of school left with nothing to do. Planning on relaxing with some whiskey all day tomorrow with a friend. Life is good...once I finish this paper that is.
  12. Hot, how do they smoke?
  13. bassman65

    Getting A Km Tri-metal

    The ones one the bambino are mya standard. Mod bowls hold more and are wider. I don't really like them. I like the Social Smoke hemi bowl that I got a lot though. It holds like 20-30g of shisha and the pull is great. Since you're ordering from one site, I would just either get the funnel or stick with the mya standard or stock bowl.
  14. I tuned in just now and it was just a bunch of guys begging some webcam girl to show some skin for like 15 minutes before I closed out I guess they get bored at night...