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  1. Malaysia Smokers

    lol. wer very familiar with israel btw
  2. Malaysia Smokers

    currently in johor bahru.. yahoo id : azlansyarawi@yahoo.com
  3. Favorite Mix Review

    THis is my best MIX so far (FAVOURITE amongst all my customers) "ICED PEACH TEA" 50%PEACH (Fakher/Nakhla) + 30%LicoRIce (Nakhla) + 20%Lemon (fakher/nakhla) + ice at the bottom the peach has to be the strongest , so a large portion is peach , licorice with a little bit of lemon gives out the TEA scent and hints of iced lemon tea, combined with the fragrance of the peach = SUPERB!!!!
  4. Concept

    it seems complicated and ud still end up competing for smoke.. i agree with safesearchoff, you should just get two hookahs.... otherwise , if ur keen on not competing but would like that peculiar shape, just weld them both together...
  5. Hookah Idea

    well, i have an idea, which i have tried... get an ice patch(soft texture plastic with water inside) wrap it around the hookah stem , and freeze it.... take it out in 30min(approx) and ur ready to smoke... its neat if u want that lasting cool effect...
  6. Diffrent Flavors

    this is my old time favourite... PEACH(lots of it - 3/5) + LeMON (1/5) + LiCorice (1/5) ul get the nice lovely scent from peach and a bit of lime which definitely compliments... alas, the licorice gives the sweetness in your mouth (hint of tea when merged with lemon +peach)... (needless to say - cold water used in base) definitely a hint of icedpeachTea voila.. can be done using (alFakher-prefered) or even Nakhla (cheaper lighter taste)
  7. Hi, Im from malaysia, and im starting shisha business right here, ive bought several 'one kilos' of Al-Fakher flavors (cos i just love them) ..but i would to know if there are any other shisha cafe owners , and if u can share a tip or two regarding the business...Im excited to start the business , it is my first , but im a 3 year experienced shisha smoker....lol one question though, how many grams are there (approx..) per serving of shisha session in a medium sized clay bowl... ????sumone asked me a question before , although im aware it varies, i have no idea how much does it weigh...lol