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  1. EricDub

    Smoke Rings

    I got some good o's going on. Looked like all she was doing was making the shape and doing the light "coughing" thing. I get a good amount of smoke in my mouth and like kind of lock my jaw out and release it. this makes the smoke kind of swirl in on itself alot. i have found your o's are kind of dependant on your mouth some of my friends rings are thin and crappy and some cant even do it so good luck as to explaining it seems like its pretty much the hardest thing in the world to explain how to do so good luck
  2. exotic imports aren't douchebags. they might just be stupid or kind of hire out or something for ebay
  3. EricDub

    Nammor Or Razan..

    my nammor broke in half today when i picked it up true story. also i found flavor ghosting to be an issue. however the pulls were amazing as the hose is thick. I personally prefer my Home Depot hose the best great airflow and absolutely NO flavor left behind its also 10 feet long
  4. EricDub

    Need Some Help With Usenet

    omg did you use newzbin? cause that same thing happened to me ... so pissed. i havent really looked around for a new one yet. goodluck
  5. 250g Tangiers Schnozzberry 250g Tangiers Mixed Fruit 250g Tangiers K-Peach 250g Tangiers Peach Iced Tea 2 boxes Exoticas My roommates and i were burning through shisha like wildfire and we are out of coals so i just had to make an order. This is only the second time i have bought tangiers so please feel free to tell my how you guys like these flavors
  6. EricDub

    Hubbly Tunes

    lately we've been listening to Sirius sattellite radio in the shed. Listen to backspin chill area 38 shade and lithium so basicall rap and ambient techno i personally prefer the ambient techno
  7. EricDub

    Missouri Mo Smokers

    Kansas City Kansas and Manhattan Kansas there was no Kansas thread : (
  8. listen man just get a mya bambino and a tangiers meduim phunnel that will cost around $80 for the best smoke of your life if you wanna spend 100 total you can also get the fabled nammor or razzan hose for another 20 honestly rather than getting a 30 inch plus hookah this is the way to go! good luck edub
  9. EricDub

    Am I The Only One Who Names My Hookahs?

    My new Sky Blue Mya Bambino is named Azura. Named after a god from the Elder Scrolls series lol. I havent thought of a name for my red one yet.
  10. I like the contrast between the matte finish and the gloss finish on the actual bowl. very nice
  11. EricDub

    Got My Potion In

    how was it shipped?
  12. EricDub

    Mashal Problem

    i was also thinking solder. the lead content would not be an issue because its just in the ice chamber
  13. EricDub

    Funnel Bowls

    QUOTE (shoresidejake @ Mar 12 2008, 10:33 PM) funnels are the ONLY way to smoke hookah. +1
  14. EricDub

    My Hookah.

    Its nice to hear that there is another person from kansas on here. if your ever up in manhattan again go to a place in aggieville called wild side they have a pretty good selection of shisha and 3 types of coals there. Have you been to the hookah lounge in Wichita? i looked it up online and i read an article on it. My first hookah was a 30'' from hookah-shisha about a year ago. It was a total impulse buy. i wanted one because i went to a hookah lounge in KC. Turns out i bought a pretty decent hookah. Yours is pretty decent i was looking at those a while back i thought it was cool that the stem lit up and it was cheap. Good luck in the future