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  1. Anyone else hear about this? It sounds like they are banning all flavors of tobacco products unless nicotine content is reduced to 0%. I cannot determine if Shisha would fall under this as it is a tobacco product and obviously flavored. Congress passed it and Obama signed on June 22nd. Link to bill: http://thomas.loc.gov/home/gpoxmlc110/h1108_ih.xml Edit: Doh made a misspelling in the title.
  2. Well i was reading up on the Scalli mod and I didn't want to wait until Monday to get one here if I ordered i online to try it out so i tried some foil instead and had some decen results actually. For those who don't know what the Scalli mod is: Basically its a device you put over the hole in your phunnel bowl to stop heat from going straight through the giant hole and bypassing the shisha(waste of heat). It instead will draw heat from the bottem and let smoke go up and down the hole. This basically will turn your phunnel bowl into a regular bowl and stll stop the precious shisha juices from dripping in your base. What I did(nothing fancy) Got a small square of foil just slightly large enough where it will plug the hole and reach the bottem of my bowl.I poked some holes in it around the edges and crinkled it up. My thoughts about crinkling is it will help create small air tunnelsPlaced the foil over the hole and down to the bottem of the bowlPinched 4 edges giving it 4 fairly small airwaysPacked my bowlUsed 2 coals instead of my normal 3Results Smoked just aswell with less coals, which makes me happy. However I do not and have not smoked a true scalli mod so I can't say how this competes. Also the two coals lasted a bit longer then my 3.
  3. If it's just yourself i wouldn't go for it but if ya got a buddy I wouldn't even think twice just put on a jacket.
  4. Ipp

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    If it is Saturday I'm down aswell.
  5. Ipp

    How To Light Coals?

    QUOTE (Back In The Day Cafe @ Feb 25 2008, 08:41 PM) What's the best way to light coals? We've been using a gas stove top for the house and just switched to a gas grill... is there an easier way to light coals for the home smoker? What about lighting coals for a hookah lounge/bar? I have an extra tray(catches the ashes) that i put on top of my burner on my oven then place my coals on that. Turn it to high and let it burn 5 minutes, turn it give it another 5. Then i will use my tongs to tap the coal getting all the ash off and put it on my bowl. Works great.
  6. Ipp

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    Sadly i just noticed what time it was and realized I can't make it :-(. I'll have to catch you guys next time you go there.
  7. Ipp

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    I may head up there what time do you guys plan on staying till?
  8. Ipp

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    Is it just you so far? Or ya got friends going?
  9. Ipp

    Ps3 Call Of Duty 4

    Mines Ipp.
  10. QUOTE (Snoopy1966 @ Feb 9 2008, 06:40 PM) Very nice collection. Your apartment looks like mine with the same carpet and blinds. Where are ya from? Maryland.
  11. The left hookah was my very first.
  12. Ipp

    Any Hookah Happy Techies Here?

    Instead of going to "My Computer > Properties" just press the Windows Key and Pause Break(located next to F12) at the same time. Otherwise you may end up just clicking properties on a shortcut not giving you any of the "goodies"
  13. I actually had luck cutting slits with a butter knife then just snapping it off.
  14. Ipp

    Who Wants A Valentine?

    Oooh I'll take an Ariel.
  15. Ipp

    Weekly Dc/nova Area Meetup.

    Yeah I'll be at pita's around 5 today