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  1. Hey Im new in Toronto and I need a hookup for shisha cause most of the shops charge excessively. Are you willing to sell? If so for how much?

  2. Pavillion Int'l 3234 Main St Buffalo, NY 14214 (716) 834-8310 does anyone know if they're still open? the hours of operation? days they are open? i'd call myself but im in Toronto.
  3. Hi sorry to bring this up again, i found an old thread about it (http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=13887) but i didn't want to bring it back up, i was just wondering if Pavillion Int'l is still there and what are the prices like? also is there anything closer to Walden Galleria/ the border? thanks! QGK
  4. was the soex flavour overpowered by the 'rest'? i smoked my soex yesterday, i didnt know how moist it was supposed to be but i figured it was dry, but its odd because most reviews on the stuff say that theirs was wet....but i smoked it fine.....i want the flavour of the soex but with the buzz/feeling of the zag ...lol
  5. i was just wondering if anyone has tried mixing stuff like soex with regular tobacco? i wonder because i bought a box of 250g of zag and im not a fan, ( i didnt know what i was buying the lady told me it was date flavoured ...) but i didnt want to waste it so i wanted to try mixing herbal with reg. tobacco... fanx!
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    SOEX Strawberry Setup: pumpkin w/ water, 3 kings Appearance: Very very fine, almost like wood splinters Smell: Smells like strawberry candy Taste: Tasted like strawberrys.... Smoke: Very nice smoke for shisha with NO tobacco content. I was impressed. Buzz: Non-existent Overall: i was very skeptical of this stuff BUT its about 3 times cheaper than regular tobacco so i figured i would give it a try. i gotta admit its not that badd i liked it, it tasted like strawberries. i was hitting it for about 15-20 mins and i didnt loose much taste, it went on pretty strong. i figure because i was hitting it lightly i was able to preserve much of the taste. one thing i REALLY like about this stuff, other than the price, was that it gave no 'light headedness" i.e. no buzz...although many put this as a downfall, i figure this is good for those who want to smoke while doing something like reading or doing homework....when i get buzzed i get seriously fukked sometimes...so doing this stuff while doing homework would be highly beneficial but thats my opinion
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  8. thanks for all the help, i just wanted to say that everything worked great last night, smoke was perfect and i kept the hard pulling to a very minimum so there was VERY little water, if none, in my hose afterwards
  9. QUOTE (MrMoodz @ Feb 4 2008, 06:46 AM) I recommend taking your pumpkin hookah stem to home depot, go find some vinyl clear tubing and test out which one fits. When you get home, cut maybe .25-.5 of an inch and add it to the downstem. This makes it so you don't need as much water and reducing the chance of getting water in the hose. the downstem is pretty close to the bottom already....hmm.... but ill check it again...thanks for the idea QUOTE (Cybersist @ Feb 4 2008, 09:01 AM) I always get water into my hose witha pumpkin, but i blame it on the fact that my draw is powerful since i normally use nammor hoses on large bore hookahs. yea i pull REALLY hard lol im used to it...i guess i gotta draw weaker
  10. i tried that....or at least im pretty sure thats what i did, i even measured but when i pull hard water gets in....i have no idea why.... should it be higher if water is getting in? like an inch or should it be less?
  11. i just bought a pumpkin hookah for 1 person sessions and im not sure but am i supposed to be getting water in my hose? i read up on the pumpkin and i put the water at .5' into the pipe...any and all help would be great, thanks!
  12. i believe i have the same problem, i just got the pumpkin shaped mini hookah today and i can't seem to get it running right...i have a larger one that i had no problems with but i wanted something i can use alone...the big one is a bit of a struggle for a one person session. anyways i picked up pumpkin shaped one....and i set it up the same way i did it with the old one.....at first i realized i may be putting too much water (water got into the hose) so i got rid of some of it and tried again...i couldnt taste any flavour..actually i dont know what flavour i got, the lady at the store didnt know LoL but i believe its some sort of date. All i could taste is burning.... and it was harder to pull....water was barely bubbling but no more water was getting into my hose...but i wasn't getting ANY smoke....after which i gave up and turned towards here im using nakhla, and 3 kings coal.... i also will try making the coals hot before placing them on... (i am pretty new at this as well )
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  14. So i read here that custom duties on Shisha are pretty harsh if caught going to Canada, i was wondering if getting herbal molasses would be still hit hard if i bought it online, considering it's not tobacco...im wonderin if anyone has experience with it. also if anyone knows where to get Herbal Molasses for cheap in town (toronto/GTA) that would be great info as well. thanks!