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  1. This thread is for members they have just come back or lurking to say they are out of the hookah smoking game.   No judgments here, I am more interested in why, and how you arrived there.   And for those just leaving the community, Let us know so we don't think you are lying in a ditch somewhere!   Love all my HF buds, past, present, and future.   ~Stuie (Still Smoking)
  2. Lot's a brands, Tangiers makes some, Exotica, Just go to most hookah retailers they should have a category for them. They are silver and square in a stick. Check out the review section here.
  3. Do you acclimate the tobacco? TONS OF HOLES! Use an oyster fork and put holes all over the bowl. If i use cocos on Tangiers I use a grate off a Computer power supply, but mostly I use jap coals, they work better with Tangiers. High heat will kill tangiers.
  4. Stuie

    Cleaning Hookahs Bowl

    Boil mine. Gets the residue off and smell out.
  5. Stuie

    Starbuzz issues

    Starbuzz is sensitive to heat like Tangiers, but I think it's more unpredictable with them. Some batches of the same flavor smoke completely differently. My recommendation is using something between the coals and your foil like a fan grate of a computer power supply. It's what I use and it works great!
  6. Stuie

    Smoke eaters

    Not sure, There use to be a few lounge owners on here. I hope they stop by and can help you out.
  7. Don't know any sites in the EU that carry, there was a UK site a while back that did, but they are gone now. I will take a look around in my notes to see if I can find one.
  8. Stuie

    Sup homies :)

    ....Tangiers Kashmir and horror movie marathon!
  9. Stuie

    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum. It's a little slow here, but hopefully we can get it popping again!
  10. Stuie

    Sex Or Hookah?

    Being divorced now.... i would probably do some unspeakable things for sex.
  11. Stuie

    I'm Not New, Just Returning.

    There's a few of us still around!
  12. Stuie

    hookah help!

    Keep in mind what I am coming up with guesses, because I am not there. Mya's tend to need to be washed before smoking sometimes they have oil and residue in them. Give it a good scrub with Dawn dish soap and some good brushes in a bath tub. Let them soak for a bit before scrubbing it out, let it air dry after in the sun.
  13. Stuie

    hookah help!

    Well 95% of hookah is from the bowl up. You might want to test for leaks in the hookah itself. Set it up like you would without the bowl. Put your hand over the top of the stem to seal it and take a pull on the hose if you get any air start tracking it down.
  14. Sorry to here it Riv! I'm single now too, lost my kids and in a depression that would kill most. But I am here today. Hit me up if you need anything!
  15. Stuie

    Mat for shisha

    I don't use a fireproof one, but I went a bought a cheap black hand towel at Walmart to put under mine to help with vibration and stray pieces of coal.
  16. It was originally designed by Tangiers and Called a Super Chief. It is originally designed to be packed all over so it's a combination phunnel and Egyptian. But I typically just pack the phunnel portion and smoke that way to save on shisha. If it's that harsh add more tobacco or less heat. Cut your cocos in half
  17. They don't really make them. Multi hose option for me is only Mya Saray. There are plugs to put in unused hose ports but not check valves. If I find a vendor with them, I will let you know.
  18. Well I remember Baja a long time ago, Loved the wooden boxes, but I have seen rumblings... looks like they are coming back!
  19. No experience with dobacco. Orange and Kiwi is always a nice mix if the kiwi has a twist of mint in it like I guess... it will be a really nice mix. Baileys and Strawberry should do well also!
  20. Stuie

    i smoked hookah first time

    Sounds like the smoke was hot and/or harsh. Drink tons of water!
  21. Stuie

    New member

    Welcome, there are a few of us trying to revive the forum! I am here as often as I can!
  22. Stuie


    A lot of factors... but it sounds like you think if the tobacco touches the foil it is a bad thing. If there is an air gap between the foil and shisha, the air becomes super heated and will burn the shisha, and kill the flavor. Pack more. What brand of shisha are you using?