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  1. Made a Tangiers order, first anything in 2 years, and it was supposed to have arrived Saturday, then rescheduled for today... almost midnight no package.... UPS Driver is going to get a talking to when he shows up!!!!
  2. A lot of the lounges i use to go to in Texas are gone because they upped the tax on hookah tobacco to like 300%
  3. This thread is for members they have just come back or lurking to say they are out of the hookah smoking game.   No judgments here, I am more interested in why, and how you arrived there.   And for those just leaving the community, Let us know so we don't think you are lying in a ditch somewhere!   Love all my HF buds, past, present, and future.   ~Stuie (Still Smoking)
  4. Tangiers Lemon Blossom!
  5. Now I just have to Track it down, Nakhla Coffee, Cardamom and margarita where some of my staples in my stash
  6. Oh you have to be kidding me on Nakhla... I want some Nakhla Cardamom... it was orgasmic! I bought Serbetli years ago from a UK dealer. This pack is leaky so it may not be up to snuff, I will have to find my old review of it to see what i thought of it back then. Smoking Melon Blend out of a Tangiers Micro Phunnel on my Mya Gelato and oh my a buzz! Seriously I haven't had a buzz in years!!! Seriously.... This will make up for me swearing off alcohol.
  7. Money's a little tight so 500g of Melon Blend and 500g of Lemon Blossom.... couldn't find Kashmir Cherry anywhere... made me sad. Got a free 50g pack of Serbetli Blueberry and a free 250g pack of Azure Lemon Muffin. Acclimating now!!!! my mouth is salivating!
  8. Who are you guys go to vendors now a days? I can't do H-S, HC or Texas Hookah...in state tax on hookah tobacco is outrageous, and not John.
  9. Let's do it Skoozle! Not sure how my Premium Member status got revoked... I understand the Mod part of it!
  10. Just saw this, this morning, shucks! Need to load up on Tang!!
  11. I quit because my wife asked me to with 2 kids in the house. Now that she left me and is taking the kids... I wonder how big my buzz will be when I hit Tangiers again.
  12. Mya just made their hookah lounge finder app live for iOS and Android. Just downloaded. Will be handy as I am travelling every weekend this month!   http://www.myahookah.com/mya-hookah-lounge-locator-app.aspx?utm_source=Hookah+Lounge+Locator+App+Announcement&utm_campaign=Lounge+App+Email&utm_medium=email
  13. Stuie

    Weight Loss

    Okay I am 5'10" 350lbs. I don't look it... ask Canon or Kathryn. Problem is...that ain't healthy. I need some help or ideas on trying to lose weight. I work 40-50 hours a week. Fix computers at night, and build websites on the weekends to pay off this surgery I just hadand my wife's a few months ago. Needless to say I don't have a ton of extra time. I have tried: Atkins, Metabolic, Weight Watchers, Fast 5, South Beach, and others I know I forgot. I work out with Kettlebells when I remember and have the energy. I eat out once a week and cook at home the rest. Down to 1 Dr Pepper a day. Anyone have ideas please let me know and no i can't afford big programs to loose weight.
  14. Stuie

    Weight Loss

    down 34 pounds now. Probably going back to tobacco sooner. Got bored of herbal about 3 weeks into the herbal only before surgery.
  15. Stuie

    Smiley bowl

    Pavo if it's still available, I am interested
  16. Welcome! Whereabouts in TX?
  17. I really like ebay for finding the weird stuff in life. Here is just a few of the interesting hookah stuff I found...and no none of them are my auctions, i just thought some might like to see them. Curious George Smoking a Hookah Saw this and couldn't stop laughing Tea Pot Hookah This maybe the most original idea for a base Globe Stem Hookah Just neat Potion Charcoal Can't believe the sell this stuff! Limited Edition Mya If i had the extra cash.... Possibly Old KM? Don't have a KM but this looks like an old one that needs cleaning and an coal tray Indian Hookah? This is what Indian hookahs look like, right? Possible Mya assembled wrong... funny Looks like a mya stem, but the coal tray is between the base and stem...heh KathrynX's Hookahs Bought me a set of this after seeing Kathryn's ... cause I was jealous!!! Just thought I would share, feel free to share the weird hookah stuff you find online or elsewhere!
  18. Smoke Hookah. all the time. I don't vape.
  19. Stuie

    Weight Loss

    ​I have tried most... not an exageration. Saalaam Fantasia Herbal AF Herbal Hydro Blaze   If it's on clearance.. Shiazo, Mya Pebbles. Not a big fan of the rocks... just personal preference. I do like Shiazo flavors!!!  
  20. Hard Call...Going with Kashmir Cherry
  21. I got a Malek and I like it. the only issue is the purge. It's a bit temperamental. But solution is to barely put the cap in with 2 BBs.
  22. Only place I have seen it is on eBay.
  23. Tangiers Melon Blend with a bit of Nirvana Redrum Dokha mixed in. 
  24. Stuie

    Special Edition AF

    I had the kiwi also. I think it's good too, but if I going to spend that much I might as well get Romman. Their Kiwi is a bit better than the AF SE. But that's just my opinion.