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  1. HJ has it or did yesterday. If not I am sure John can get if for you while you are there.
  2. i have flown with a hookah, you usually get stopped and checked but it's no big deal. Don't pack quicklights. I would recommend picking up coals here in the states just to avoid the hassle. Traveling with tobacco is an issue with the TSA internationally, but if you do pick it up here and fly domestically it's no big deal. Smoking in parks is usually fine unless they specifically forbid on their signs. Where are you flying into, can give you some idea on local shops possibly.
  3. Got some summer solstice in today... man this is super nice!
  4. Stuie

    What Are You Reading?

    Totally forgot about this thread! Right now... The Nag Hammadi Scriptures edited by Marvin W. Meyer reading it purely out of educational interest and curiousity. Plus they dropped the kindle version from $15 to $2 so I had to grab it!
  5. Kashmir Cherry out of my Mya Obelisk!
  6. Loading up some Tangiers Cane Mint!
  7. resize in photos and try again.
  8. I don't think you can call it a hookah without a downstem. Can you take a pic of the bottom of the stem, I am pretty good at macgyvering hookahs!
  9. Check out the how to section... it has a lot of trial and error attempts that should help you out.
  10. Check out the how to section... it has a lot of trial and error attempts that should help you out.
  11. Stuie

    Whatsup Y'all

    Welcome to the forum. As far as you question I will reply to your other post.
  12. I would look at mixing Desi Murli brand shisha. Not sure they have dunhilll or even what that is.
  13. Has anyone tried these? It's novel concept, I want to try them but I fear it would make the inside of my hose sticky.
  14. Going to load up some Tangiers Mime.... been so long I forgot what it tastes like!