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  1. I quit because my wife asked me to with 2 kids in the house. Now that she left me and is taking the kids... I wonder how big my buzz will be when I hit Tangiers again.
  2. Weight Loss

    down 34 pounds now. Probably going back to tobacco sooner. Got bored of herbal about 3 weeks into the herbal only before surgery.
  3. Smiley bowl

    Pavo if it's still available, I am interested
  4. Welcome! Whereabouts in TX?
  5. Smoke Hookah. all the time. I don't vape.
  6. Weight Loss

    ​I have tried most... not an exageration. Saalaam Fantasia Herbal AF Herbal Hydro Blaze   If it's on clearance.. Shiazo, Mya Pebbles. Not a big fan of the rocks... just personal preference. I do like Shiazo flavors!!!  
  7. Hard Call...Going with Kashmir Cherry
  8. I got a Malek and I like it. the only issue is the purge. It's a bit temperamental. But solution is to barely put the cap in with 2 BBs.
  9. Only place I have seen it is on eBay.
  10. Tangiers Melon Blend with a bit of Nirvana Redrum Dokha mixed in. 
  11. Special Edition AF

    I had the kiwi also. I think it's good too, but if I going to spend that much I might as well get Romman. Their Kiwi is a bit better than the AF SE. But that's just my opinion. 
  12. Weight Loss

    ​I didn't saying I was quitting hookah... Hydro, Fantasia Herbal, AF Herbal, Shiazo, Mya Rocks.... Oh i have a lot of choices now a days. WAY more than just Soex when I started out smoking! Still won't smoke that gel... that was the worst smoke!
  13. Weight Loss

    So almost 7 years ago I started this thread and I have tried so many things over the years. Working with my doctor and a nutritionist, we have all decided that the best chance of success for me is going to be Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I have to do 5 months of nutrition classes for my insurance... which is bull... cause I have had a nutritionist helping me for 6 months. So I will be going under the knife early September. They so no nicotine at all for the first year so it looks like I will be going for a year... maybe I will be able to get a buzz again from Tangiers after all that.
  14. I have never seen that on a Mya and Have Mya's going back over a decade old and never seen that... that's a one in a million fluke for them.
  15. Say Hello To My Son...

    I just pray he sleeps better soon.   Both my kids didn't sleep through the night until after a year.   Pray that little guy sleeps better!!!!!