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  1. My bet on the matter is that each of the preformed discs undergoes a short bath of a low concentrated Potassium Chlorate solution. Then dried.
  2. Yes.. or you can log into your Paypal account and see if the money has arrived
  3. Im not trying to make this a personal thing with you Insidiuos, so please understand that when I come at you with my point of view. Look. Personal experiances count. Ghosts uncle for one.... my father for second. They are part of the statistics. I dont expect to change your mind.... I would like you to do your homework or have something to drive your point with. Nearly 100% of mass murderers use handguns? Are we talking about someone who murders people in large #'s at one time or does that include serial killers who have a trail of bodies behind them? What about mass suicides? lets address these. Mass suicides: Jonestown. 909 people dead. Cyanide laced koolaid. Heavens Gate. 39 dead. Barbituate cocktail and asphyxiation. Mass murderers/ Serial murderers. Anton Probst. Axe Jack the Ripper. Edged instrument Hillside Strangler(s). garrotte The Unibomber. Explosives Timothy McVeigh. Explosives Jeffrey Dahmer. Drugged vitims and drilled holes in their heads. Aum Shinrikyo. Sarin Gas If you read the following link.... you will find evidence that there are more mass killing due to arson than mass killing due to use of a firearm. http://www.claytoncramer.com/JMME2.htm
  4. QUOTE The ease with which one can kill (themselves or another is irrelevant to me; I seem to be the only one here with some semblance of a regard for human life) with a firearm is the factor here, in my opinion. Sure, you can say "If they want to kill themselves they're gonna do it no matter what," no, that is not always true and there is no way to validate that statement. I believe someone is a lot more likely to kill if they have access to a firearm than if they do not. Please do not misunderstand that statement, I am not saying having a firearm makes people want to kill, no, they have other reasons for wanting to kill; I'm saying having a firearm enables them to kill, psychologically. I gave my father 3 firearms in the course of my adulthood. He had 3 more he aquired by inheretance and self purchase. He killed himself a year ago, hanging himself with a rope. Go Fish.
  5. Swing and a miss........ Thats gotta be a rapper that has no class or is broke as hell...
  6. Perfect timing I suppose. Motive in question. Content is not.
  7. Was your point that there were 85 gun deaths per day or not? If thats the case, then doing away with the particular weapon does not mean that there will be 85 less deaths.
  8. 85 people..... IF guns were banned, would there actually be 85 less people killed per day? Murder wont go down.... probably go up.
  9. Im gonna point this out and step off the box. "it takes two sides to make a conflict" when people act like they havent done anything to escalate a situation after having a great deal of involvement they are telling me that I am stupid. Why would I want to listen to that? HF is way too competetive in nature. I've said that back during .NET and inbetween. You want to rival with boards and act nasty. I swear someone out there just sits around and licks his/her lips for another board to open up so the insults can start and shit like this happens.
  10. I never said it was OK to impose gun ownership on anyone. You are tackling the straw man here. I also dont believe in banning gun ownership. I used Kennesaw as a basis for statistics in that the presence of gunowners = lowered crime on the whole.
  11. NO. question answered. I do believe that the death rate by firearm would go up if EVERYONE had a gun. I dont believe that the death rate as a whole would go up much at all. I havent promoted the idea that we need to arm every last person. Rather, that persons that wish to arm themselves might do so.
  12. I may, as a gun owner, have to contribute to an addition to the gun death rate. Heres why I wont mind. The person I may have to send to his grave would be breaking into my house or attacking me or someone near me. Now, heres the kicker. As a baseball bat owner.. I may also have to contribute to the bat death rate for the same reasons.
  13. Keep it out of sight? People wouldnt understand? then it will make you look like you are doing something wrong.
  14. Crime Statistics City of Kennesaw 1981 (Year Before Gun Law Passed) Population: 5,242 Total Part 1 Crimes: (per 100,000 pop): 4,332 City of Kennesaw 2005 Population: 28,189 Total Part 1 Crimes (per 100,000): 2,027 -7% from 2004 U.S. Average 2005 Total Part 1 Crimes per 100,000: 3,899 Summary: Although the population of the City of Kennesaw and surrounding area has increased dramatically since 1981, on a per capita basis crimes rates were actually lower in 2005 than in 1981. Note: To control for population differences and make comparisons between jurisdictions more accurate and meaningful, index crimes are reported at the rate per 100,000 persons. Part 1 crimes consist of: Murder, Non-Negligent Manslaughter, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny, Auto Theft and Arson. http://www.kennesaw.ga.us/index.asp?NID=137 So. burglary is up SLIGHTLY..... but the town has grown dramatically and its violent crime and serious crimes on the whole is LOWER than before the ordnance. Now. the one thing you have to consider is what the burglary rate is for the surrounding towns not under the ordnance..... my bet is that it higher......along with the the rates of other heinous crimes.
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