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    Canadian Smokers

    The Valley, ON.
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    QUOTE (joytron @ Feb 2 2008, 09:02 PM) Dont remove the feedback! you cant let them blackmail you into change! Stand for what you blieve it and eventually things will be set right... It is not just 20 bucks its the whole damned principal! QF MAAAFUCCKKAAAN T
  3. Devin

    An-Nakhla Quicklight Coals

    QUOTE (dushira @ Jan 19 2008, 06:21 AM) An-Nakhla Quick Lighting Coals I bought a boxe of 120 from smoking-hookah.com and they are by far the WORSE coals I have ever used. In the end, I threw the box in the garbage. 1- Appearance - They are round and black, they look like 3 kings or golden quicklites except that there is 4 little round bumps on the bottom. The packaging is acceptable. It's written in English, Arabic and Hebrew on the boxe and on the paper of the rolls. 2- Smell - HORRIBLE! NEVER light those inside the house or open all the windows and start the fans because the smell is just horrible, it smells like poison and it makes a LOT of fumes when it's being lit. This would be forgettable if it would only be during the lighting process but no, it will constantly produce more terrible smell the whole time that it is lit! 3- Taste - Like the smell, Horrible! The taste is so powerfull that i will overpower that of the tobbaco that you are smoking and you will be feeling like you are smoking from the exhaust of a truck. Those coals will make you nauseous, dizzy, give you a bad headache and make you want to sleep, i think they call that co2 poisonning. 4 - Longevity - I guess they could last around 25-40 minutes but i was never able to smoke for so long using those coals! I was getting sick after 5 minutes. 5- Ashing - Normal quicklites ashes. But i didn't pay much attention about that, i was too dizzy. Overall: 1/10, 1 only because they actually light and burn. Please stay away from Al Nakhla coals (made in greece) at all cost DITTO!! I cant say anything good about these, I have a box of 120 of these, and I light them up just outta the sheer amusement of the fact that they pretty much will burn ur house down if u light them indoor, I lit one, and a little girl 2 towns over died of smoke inhalation. they burn a good temp. but they burn down in (at the most) 30 minutes... that is if ur not turned off by the torrent of demon smoke that exhumes itself from the coal when lighting it... BUYER BEWARE!!!
  4. Devin


    I dont know how it is in western canada, but I've definatly never seen anywhere sell any 50g box for 20 bucks, u guys do have it bad. then again I have to drive 5 hours to montreal to find a headshop, so its easier and ultimatly cheaper to buy online
  5. Devin

    Foil Vs Screen

    just a point of observation, another reason you arnt getting good hauls of smoke is because you are only pulling into your mouth, that works for cigarettes but with a hookah, there just isnt enough vaccum created to pull the same amounts of smoke, its a very inhale-ish? piece of kit... I've never seen anyone just pull into there mouths, but correct me if I'm wrong
  6. Devin


    QUOTE (Luke69 @ Jan 29 2008, 10:46 PM) All that cost only $12.73? wow i wish canada wasnt so expensive pfft! try living in the boonies of Canadian Forces Base Petawawa.....Barf, I have to order all my stuff offline, from the states.. I spend more on shipping then I do on product...
  7. I've been looking, but does anyone know the indoor smoking regulations for hookah lounges in Ontario Canada (a question for u Canucks out there!!!)
  8. Devin


    QUOTE (austinthecity @ Jan 29 2008, 03:16 PM) It makes it really taste good if you fill the base with vinegar and sprinkle some baking soda in the hose... In fact, it tastes kind of like a volcano in your mouth... That acually made me pee a little bit I laughed so hard.... (metaphorically ) but I agree with everyone, try it and get back to us.. *first post, weew*