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  1. Switch

    "premium" Tobacco

    I started out on Nakhla and then swithed to buying AW. Now i pretty much exclusivly smoke Al Fakher. Its not that expensive and i feel that my session stays more consitant throughout and i dont have to mess around to much with the heat. Which is important to me, because constantly adjusting the coal is a nusence
  2. if all you do is puff, you dont get a nice bubbly noise.
  3. Switch

    Cream Flavor Tobacco?

    AL Waha makes an orange cream, which is i think a very accurate flavor. But i cant smoke it very long, because it is so sweet. i like really "light" flavors
  4. Switch

    My Hookah.

    try smoking hookah without inhaling. I think its almost impossible, cant get the "vacume" created and then no smoke goes through the hose. I suppose you could do it if you stuck the downstem in your mouth.
  5. still never got samples.... *CRYING CRYING CRYING*
  6. most hookahs will smoke amazing when you get them. But if you get a more expensive pipe, you will be able to have it for longer due to the fact that it wont corrode. I love the mya pipes, the purge isnt as "amazing" as other pipes, but i have had 2 now, and not a spec of rust or corosion anyone. It is still as shiny as the day i got it.
  7. Switch

    First Hookah

    yeah, the ut is a great pipe. Id recomend pretty much all the al fakher stuff. but my Favorites are Al Fakher Golden Esk Apple, Al Waha Mint, pretty much every brand makes a good orange, which is a good falvor, Al Fakher Strawberry (golden and regular are pretty much the same)
  8. smoking some AF Mint/Lemon mix while playing some xbox 360 and eating Pizza, ahh life couldnt be better. Mass Effect for anyone wondering what game.
  9. Any Mya, if you are looking for inexpensive, get the QT or Bambino, they are small but smoke great
  10. QUOTE (addicted2shisha @ Mar 9 2008, 12:34 AM) Yeh i get the same thing. When i take it out of the case it looks marked up... after u give it a rinse it looks completely fine. Hits well but regret buying it cos know sooner or later the base is gona break! Really weak! Anyone know a decent base that will go with its screw on stem? ive had the vortex for a year, and recently got the staff hookah. no breaks at all. just dont drop it. Glass does break when dropped
  11. Looks awesome, if anyone picks it up, post how it is. it looks promising
  12. Switch

    Mya, From Girlfriend

    would love to see them
  13. i dont really like to smoke by myself, though i do sometimes. Smoking nis always more fun with friends
  14. Switch

    Which Al Fakher

    mint lemon ESK APPLE...........i will tuck it into bed with me every night