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  1. 3-hose Black Duke Hookah

    Does it have autoseal?
  2. Auto seal! There isn't a difference at all. Except you may here the glass bearing rumble a little. I have a three hoser with three razan hoses and it hits as hard as anything. I like the fact that when i need new coals or have to go piss or go let some one in I don't have to find some one to cover my hose or what not. Plus because people can come and go and set the hose down I feel like there is less of a chance of it getting knocked over.
  3. Phunnel Help

    So I could theoretically be fine ordering a medium and a scalli mod and pack it with ~20g of shisha and still get fantastic smokes with huge hits?
  4. How much does it hold? I don't have a funnel to trade but will buy it flat out?
  5. Phunnel Help

    QUOTE (mushrat @ Apr 1 2008, 12:14 PM) Now remember, the mod is only necessary if you are underpacking your bowl. If you decide to actually fill the bowl ech time, no matter what the tobacco, you do not need a mod. What do you mean you only need it if you are under-packing? I was under the impression that it always was a help? Would it make sense to just drop the money on a mnh glass or jet bowl since they kinda rate how much shisha fits in it?
  6. Phunnel Help

    Seems like the opinions vary across the board. I wish h-s or mnh would get the black smalls in. I might just have to order it from devils play ground. I don't want to order JUST a scalli mod from mnh though and have to pay shipping.
  7. Wtb Small Phunnel

    Have you gotten any offers yet?
  8. Aw Tubs Still Available

    How much are the tubs? 250g? And what do you have left?
  9. I am gonna be ordering a phunnel here in a bit but I am kinda confused on the size I should get. I usually smoke with a group of 3-15 people and we like to change the bowl out about 3 times a night so that we can try a range of different flavors. I would most definitely be ordering a scalli mod. My concern is that a medium is too big. I typically buy my flavors in 50g packs so i can sample a large number of flavors and I don't want to be putting a whole 50 g in there and either smoking through it all or not sampling multiple flavors. I also have concern a small may be too small. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  10. Hookah-shisha Beta Testing

    I should have read all the way down! DAMN IT! I bet the online support hate you for this!
  11. There were a lot of threads topics changing to baby seals? I don't think I noticed any of this happening?
  12. Am I The Only One Who Names My Hookahs?

    QUOTE (hungry hungry puffer @ Mar 3 2008, 08:58 PM) Do you name your hookahs??? the hookah to the left is "The green machine" and the one to the right is "papa smurf" when i receive my tri-metal khalil mamoon, its name will be "rover" I have the red version of your Papa Smurf...she is named Ruby 2.0 cause a friend had a smaller red hookah named ruby that was inferior to mine.
  13. do you find the medium holds too much sisha or just the right amount? I am debating between the medium or the small. I usally smoke with a large group of people (4-15) and we usually change the bowl my hookah came with 3-4 times in a night. I like the fact that that way you can constantly change flavors.
  14. Logo Contest!

    WHen will you choose winners?
  15. Pharaoh's And Tonic

    Price for Guave? And shipping to 49009