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    Arkansas Ar Smokers.

    Hey everyone, I'm located in Jacksonville, willing to travel to around Little Rock to meet some other fellow hookah lovers. Hope to hear from some local peeps! -Smokey
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    Sweet Start

    Sweet Start: Set Up: 36 inch Egyptian... I think it's a Sphinx. Two hose, double-barreled the whole time. Heavy Duty foil Water in base One and Two Coal Alternating (Golden Brand) Smell: Smells similar to hard candy... Hints of cherry, strawberry, and mint, but in the distance. 5 / 5 Cut: Typical Romman cut. Moist, but not dripping. Some stems, but not an issue with me. 4/5 Smoke Density: Dense, but not overpowering. I'm pretty seasoned, but it may be a lot for a n00b. 4/5 I recieved this shisha for free from HS. It was part of their valentines promotion. This is a VERY good shisha, and I'll be ordering some with my next drop. Overall, 4/5