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  1. aldantefax

    Electric Hotplate..?

    Why yes, it will! Simply let the coil heat up and break up the charcoal as you normally would, and place it on the burner. After about 5-10 minutes or so, with luck willing, your coal will usually be red-hot and good to go. Just don't try moving around the coals with your fingers.
  2. So I had the whimsy to go and purchase a tin of Starbuzz White Peach from a local store yesterday, and I proceeded to smoke a bowl last night and bowl today not twenty minutes ago. Is the White Peach supposed to not hit very strong? Flavor-wise I didn't get as much punch as I was expecting, though the smoke was acceptable when the coals were strong. I am also taking suggestions as to things to mix with said White Peach to get some extra flavor.
  3. aldantefax

    Bowl + Windscreen Combo

    I use this bowl frequently and I am fairly satisfied with it. It retains heat very well so you don't have to use as many coals, and it contains the mess (useful if you are in a situation where a lot of people are coming and going. I have a black combo bowl and it looks quite nice - it will fit fairly snugly on my hookah without any difficulty. The primary downside to this bowl is how shallow it is and its metal parts can decay over time as other people were saying - to prolong the lifetime of the combo bowl, I typically wash and dry immediately to prevent rusting issues. No harder to clean than any other bowl, but the higher price tag (about the middle range between a MNH glass phunnel and a stock bowl) may turn some people off. The coal screen can sometimes become "attached" to the wind cover, but is easily fixable by using a pair of tongs. As far as safety issues are concerned, what I do is when I'm changing out coals mid-session I will use tongs to hold the wind cover down and un-clamp the combo bowl, then slowly lift upwards (in the event the screen becomes stuck to the wind cover). The top portion will be hot (metal right next to red-hot coals) so it's important to work at such an angle where your hands don't get too close to that specific metal part of the combo bowl. Hope this provides some insight on it for people that have one but don't/can't throw it away just yet.
  4. aldantefax

    Arizona Smokers Az

    QUOTE (ASUSEAN1 @ Nov 29 2007, 04:52 PM) tempe, AZ What up, dude, I'm also Tempe, AZ over here.