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  1. Kashmir Blue?!?!

    Lavender and violet.
  2. Kashmir Blue?!?!

    Years ago I asked him to make me a special blend of blue flower and kashmir and he wrote kashmir blue on the package so it may very well be that.
  3. Honestly, I think we are the wrong pool for your target market. My favorite lounge is my backyard because I never run into someone I don't know, and rarely someone I don't like.
  4. It may start with the letter d, but I hope it ends in my mouth.
  5. When I smoked pot out of my hookah, my mom just trashed the entire thing. Said there was not an earthly that could clean my soul and that pipe.
  6.   What if 13 months later, you find out she is just trolling you.
  7. Brass Stingray Or Stingray X?

    I have a brass stingray and stillare, no complaints here. Of all the stingray incarnations, I think I like the black one best. The flavor on the Zenith is supposed to be superb.
  8. http://www.harborfreight.com/20off-coupon912-aff-17571.html
  9. How To Vape Like Hookah

    My lady has an El Kapitan, and it is by far the worst designed mod I have used. If you lock and unlock the ring a few times the bottom button slips off, and the V1 do not really have adjustable screws.   Most legit mods have an enormous mark-up and force supply down and do limited addition runs to falsely keep costs up. I have no sympathy for companies that try to control the market, they brought the clone situation upon themselves. 
  10. Half Japanese coals... do you have to reapply every 5 minutes?
  11. Maybe It's Just Me...

    Once I discovered masturbation, I found I just do not have enough time for this forum anymore.
  12. So I Bought A Smokerlyzer

    Have you tested your levels 24 hours later?