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  1. Anyone play any online games/? I play mybrute. You may think its stupid but it is veryyy addicting. MyBrute I also played rakion in the past.
  2. Hookahcompany.com Reviews

    Hahah Thanks took care of that two weeks ago.
  3. I usually take massive hits and rape myself so the more the merrier.
  4. I just smoked my 07 exp date grape. Tasted amazing and smoked well too.
  5. Israel Appears To Have Had Enough

    Well looks like Israel decided to bomb another school...... whether you're jewish or not, defending the Israeli's on this one is just inhumane. That just sickens me.
  6. Israel Appears To Have Had Enough

    I don't think so man. With Obama coming in and this going on, a lot of conflicts arise. First of all, there is no way the president can focus on our own country (bail out, economic crisis) while this stuff is going on. Secondly, negotiations with Iran cannot be made as long as this is going on. I strongly believe eventually the funding will subside and end. The US needs to take care of itself, and I think people see that.
  7. Nazarhookah.com Reviews

    Let's see, what can I say about Mahir... He is sexy, he takes care of his customers, and he is passionate about what he does. Mahir was the friendliest vendor I have ever purchased from. He is very dedicated to his customers and does everything in his power to accommodate them. When I placed my order, I ordered the wrong items and sent them to the wrong address. I called Mahir on New Years Eve right before midnight, and he happily fixed my order and made it right. And better yet, I received my order in two business days perfectly packaged with the correct items. I highly recommend purchasing from Nazar Hookah. ~Yamin
  8. Israel Appears To Have Had Enough

    This is just pointless. Eventually Israel will not have the funding to continue, and will have to retreat. When that happens Hamas will be twice as strong as when they started through funding. Although I'm not saying it's not Hamas' fault, the other countries now have justification to support them.
  9. In The Mail

    250 Grams of AF from my boy Mahir of Cardamom, Peach, and Grenadine
  10. Km Ice Worth It?

    I'm going to my friend's house on tuesday who just bought one. I'll let you know then if you can wait lol
  11. Official Km Fan Club

    My heart bleeds for you.
  12. Thought Provoking Books?

    The Alchemist Paulo Coelho or something like that Fictional MiddleEastern Fun read and quick Just like every other book, Fate versus Destiny lol
  13. Abortion Right Or Wrong

    I believe abortion should be a priviledge. If you deserve getting pregnant, you should have to keep the child. If you're responsible and its and accident, then you should be able to abort. I don't believe abortion is either right or wrong. I believe it depends on the person and it should be the person's choice only. In my situation, I know I am going to marry the love of my life, and we aren't ready for a kid yet. If something were to happen, I'd like to be able to prevent my life and hers from being ruined by a child. We are ready for the consequences, but our readiness only goes as far as going with abortion. A child can ruin a relationship when parents come into play. If my girlfriends parents were to find out I got her pregnant, It would be over for us. Even with abortion being available, people still resort to physical violence to end pregnancies. If this right was revoked, I don't know waht would happen. Abortion should always be a choice.
  14. Israel Appears To Have Had Enough

    I am Iranian I love everyone Media everywhere is horrible We have bombs What is going on is unfortunate Iranians are not Arab and so I do not Identify with either side, I hate both equally. PEACEEE
  15. Cobra hoses are the worst things in existance. My friend owned one and it broke in like 3 days. But in terms of this hose.... fugly