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  1. QUOTE (RingsMaster @ Jul 21 2009, 06:46 PM) im more of a fan of putting them on their sides and when they burn down a little you can adjust them as such that works great for phunnels but mine never stay standing when i use my mod or Egyptian bowl
  2. you could just put 2 on there and make sure your rotating them a lot and sometimes i like to have both the coals like on the edge of the bowl about half off half on if it starts to get harsh
  3. think that would work good with potion blackberry? only because i got a free 100g sample of it and i smoked it once and really liked it so maybe ill have to try that out
  4. Nikon1323

    Why Km?

    QUOTE (10ryno @ May 19 2009, 12:57 PM) What is so great about a KM hookah? I can't figure it out. My friend bought one a week or so ago and we smoked it. My 24" Egyptian gets better hits than that thing. And the hose is just over kill, it clears the base every time so the smoke doesn't get time to build up and the smoke isn't as think as from Myas, Syrians, or other Egyptians. Everyone talks about this signature KM pull, but what does that mean? You get more air than smoke? ryne i know your not talking about the km i just got in because that thing is amazing....when we smoked the funnel that first time come on man we got massive hits and massive clouds.... the pull is insanely easy and idk what your talking about with smoke build up man because we never had a problem with that... and the hose...yea its alittle overkill its wide as all hell but its not washable (go nammor) and dude as for thinkness of the smoke im sure we can smoke some different brands and get massive clouds because me and brian have smoked it alot and gotten awesome seshions p.s. nothing against mya (loved my qt and my buddies mya owns) and nothing against syrian ( my syrian is amazing best purchase i have ever made... its a 2 hose and it dominates in every aspect.)
  5. Nikon1323

    New Mya Hoses

    does anyone know if those hoses unscrew like the other ones so i could maybe get one and use it on my hobo hookah?
  6. Nikon1323

    New Km And Base

    yea thanks alot to you guys...my syrian looks just amzing with the new base and it seems ryno that the base cover is alittle to small so maybe ill pop that off soon but yea that km is just amazing and my friend got a burner (electric) for 8 bucks at walgreens and im on the natural coal wagon lol..... It makes such a difference now and all my sesh last longer with the naturals
  7. Nikon1323

    New Km And Base

    hahaha sorry its 32 in.
  8. ok man idk if anyone else said this but i had the same problem with my mya qt....when you pack the bowl do it lightly like everyone has said but make sure you take some tooth picks and slide them through the shisha and out the 5 holes on the bottom of the mya bowl... those bowls are terrible and wont heat up the bottom shisha instead they just burn the top unless you put those holes through for the heat to move to the bottom of the bowl...try that
  9. holy crap man that sucks..... i just got my first km and the hose on it is awesome its so wide i get awesome hits....but things like this make me feel better that i have 4 nammor hoses
  10. Nikon1323

    New Km And Base

    oh and heres a pic of my new base on my syrian which looks even better than my old base.... im pretty much set hookah wise for the summer now
  11. So after the whole ordeal with my base breaking and me getting a new base/hookah....I finally ordered a km after seeing such great reviews on the forum about it.... Ill be honest I have always been the one who told people to get anything but a KM since alot of people push for new hookah users to get them so much.... but omg this thing hits INSANE its a KM 32' Isis..... the first day we smoked AF lemon and Golden AF strawberry out of my small funnel for 2.5 hours... and the clouds were just insane, the pull was the easiest thing ever, the km hose i got is extremely wide and has awesome draw (to bad its not washable). I ordered the hookah from gothookah.com and I told them in the memo i was a forum member so they through in a free 100g sample of potion blackberry and gave me a small pack of natural coals (they had silver on them not sure what kind) and a free pack of quick lights.... I used the naturals to smoke what was left of my fantasia cactus breeze, out of my mnhookah minifunnel, and once again i got awesome clouds amazing flavor and im just loving my new km to death
  12. Nikon1323

    I Got A New Girlfriend

    I got some golden chicago special which i like alot....good flavor good clouds...i like layalinas it was the first brand i started smoking its just that you never get a buzz and there is alot of better flavors out there (layalinas mint, just get AF mint) but yea they do have some good flavors and i have never had a problem with layalinas which is always a plus
  13. Nikon1323

    Best Screen Ever!

    so now your hookah is always smooth? right? lol
  14. Nikon1323

    Jack Black Hookah

    not at all man just as long as you do the water level right.....i usually put a home made diffuser on the end and once it gets goin i get great clouds.....the best bottle i think i have used so far for some reason was a bacardi bottle (not handle) and i put some electric tape at the top for the rubber adapter to fit on and i got great smokes out of it....brought it to a party and everyone loved it; got awesome pull and great clouds to..... but yea the diffuser i think makes the pull alot smoother and i notice the bottles fill up alot quicker with smoke to
  15. Nikon1323

    Rip My Only Hookah :|

    hookahjohn idk how everyone else feels but its not just you its just that every time someone doesnt know what hookah to get everyone says KM and usually followed is MZ.... which i have heard nothing but great things about (enough to make me buy my own km) but i think people should look around and do their own research... thats what i did and got my syrian that i love to death its just a little redundant i guess but i know everyone likes them so there all goin to post their opinion