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  1. I first got a Hookah when I was 19 and by that time my parents couldn't really say anything. Infact my mom loved it and my dad thought it was Hilarious, and couldn't understand the attraction to smoking fruit flavoured delights. And Now my whole house smells like I spray fruit flavoured air freshener on everything because of all the Hookah smoking that goes on in my living room.
  2. mackiain

    Tobacco Free Shisha ?

    My brother and his buddies went to a shop in my city and got some of that SoEx about a year or 2 ago. I had thought it was just a new kind of shisha and when I smoked it I almost died it was the most horrible taste ever!
  3. mackiain

    Razan Hose?

    I used a bit of vinegar and lemon juice but for the most part I just smoked with the plastic taste and just ignored it till it went away. Didn't take very long.
  4. When your carpet has been burned more times then a Buisnessman with a fetish for Taiwanese hookers.
  5. Sounds like an interesting experiment to me, but probably not necessary in any case.
  6. I am still pissed about the duty because I am not officially out of Tobacco and broke..... And I have seen the movie sicko, I found it was a little bit too long, and Michael Moore has a funny way of getting his points across.
  7. mackiain

    Funny Video Thread

    It's Old Greg. Really funny british comedy show sketch.
  8. I don't like the sounds of that!
  9. Still having problems with it. It doesn't seem to fit together at all....
  10. Ahh cool, I'll give that a try for sure. But like I say I never took it apart fully before so it should be hooked up properly.
  11. It used to work totally fine, just one day I tried to set it up and it would not screw together properly at all.
  12. My Mya Gyro will not screw together properly anymore... The top part of the stem which screws into the piece that goes into the base does not screw together anymore. It used to be a very tight fit, now the thread on the screw does not fit into the bolt part of it snugly and this really makes the hookah useless as far as balance goes. Does anybody know what the hell is going on? I figured maybe the threading on the stem got stripped a little bit, but it doesn't seem like it. I would take pictures but my camera broke... Any Mya Experts have any decent solutions for me?
  13. mackiain

    I Was Wrong

    QUOTE (The Devils Playground @ Feb 21 2008, 01:56 AM) Pharoas has a sex on the beach and also Tonic has sex on the beach. I plan to have sex on the beach in March in San Diego. My hookah will be there for that also. It just wont be getting smoked when it happens. lol Ahhhhhhhhh Clever clever!
  14. QUOTE (shotcaller88 @ Feb 20 2008, 10:18 PM) they gotta pay for that free health care somehow =) Free health care, ya right, you pay with time. Takes between 2-8 hours to get in anywhere. And we have no doctors thanks to Privated American Healthcare where you can practice and make sick cash, compared to a set wage here.
  15. QUOTE (gr!m @ Feb 20 2008, 09:51 PM) LMFAO! "Hyper Wank Device" If british slang was in who wouldn't want one of those.