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  1. I smoked in my room for about a year ...the overall smell didn\'t linger for too long, but when I moved out I did notice that everything like pillows, clothes or anything made of cloth had a musty hookah smell. Forgetting to take the coals off the bowl when you\'re done smoking will make the room smell much worse (my girlfriend ALWAYS forgot =/).
  2. Brad

    What do you think a Halal diet is?

    I've been wondering what it means too. The local Middle Eastern market in town, Open Sesame, has stuff marked "halal" and the door says "we serve halal food".P.S. - I loved that movie (your avatar).
  3. Brad

    Daily Show

    I'm surprised to hear that ...I'd expect Jon to be making jokes about the people making pot jokes about the hookah. He's usually pretty well informed.
  4. I've also wanted to buy some Serbetli but I've never seen it for sale anywhere, anyone know where to get it?The only time I really heard about it was when Alen had sent out "donations."
  5. Brad

    Layalina Shisha

    It was never very good when the shop by my house first started selling it. Then they started introducting new flavors (like strawbarry kiwi) and at the same time it seemed they were making it wetter. Now I don't mind smoking it ...but it isn't THAT cheap around here and personally I'd rather go for Fakher or Nakhla (or Starbuzz or Tangiers or Fumari or Al Amir), but that's just my personal preference.
  6. Brad

    Pipe tobacco fans

    I just got my package on Friday and I signed up when Yash first posted the link. I got 3 samples - Blue Note, Midnight Smoke and Montego Bay.I borrowed a wooden pipe (has the texture of a walnut, not sure what type it is) and have smoked it about 5 times so far. It is incredibly relaxing! Even compared to smoking hookah. Today I may go pick up a cheap pipe for myself and maybe some more tobacco to try.The only complaint I have is it feels like I poured lava (or hot cheese) all over my tongue. Does this go away? Am I burning the tobacco too hot?
  7. Yeah, I didn't really follow through on that one. Everyone is on there way over again for another night of fun . Hopefully tomorrow I'll get around to writing the review.The caffeine is very noticeable, and apple flavor is great.
  8. Brad


    I would let them all air out (especially the Tangiers). I put all of my stuff in those Ziploc containers, they're perfect. The only flavor I've tried, of the ones you got, is Plum. I'm not EXACTLY sure what plum tastes like because I haven't had one in a while, but it is good. I've had Wildberry, but not Wildberry Mint. I thought it was great, but my girlfriend didn't like it. It tastes like they threw a whole berry plant into a grinder (including the leaves and flowers). It wasn't what I expected but I really like it.
  9. The Mint Chocolate Chip is good. I think Blueberry is sweet/good too. ...and of course the White Peach is always a favorite around here. I remember it being really strong.
  10. Figured I'd post a "I'm going to review something soon, but not now" thread. This afternoon when I get home I should have some F-Line Apple waiting. I'll post a review tonight after the girlfriend and friends leave (could be late). I'll try to get their opinions to include in the review. ...and on a side note, has anyone noticed how many times the word "Tangiers" appears on the front page?
  11. Brad

    Paint us a picture

    That was awesome inimicus, reminded me of some great times I've had smoking hookah with friends. You too Spentkustard, brough back some great memories of my friends snorting meds ...wait, WHAT?!
  12. Brad

    Hookah Community

    ...you'll probably need to find members from other places, because the majority of this memberbase will stay here. Trust me!
  13. If it IS Starbuzz, did anyone get Sour Apple or Marlette? They sent a few samples with my last order. I've been waiting to hear opinions.
  14. I didn't get one. I wonder what it is [img]http://hookahforum.com/forum/smileys/smiley32.gif[/img]
  15. Just so everyone knows (if they don't already) ...its on the site now. Gonna order some Apple in a few minutes.