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  1. St. Goodypants

    Explosions In The Sky

    Wait, there are explosions in the sky? Is it the presence? Is it accompanied by a giant hand coming out of the clouds?
  2. St. Goodypants

    Friendship Down The Gutter

    First off, that is psychopathic behavior. Do some digging into psychopaths and you'll find that the defining feature is that they enjoy manipulating people. Not even for their own benefit, but a just for the hell of it. Most of them aren't even violent, just manipulative and uncaring. Second - This is probably one of the few people who I would say seriously deserves to lose the kneecaps. Maybe just one... or both... or a testicle... or have an ear torn off with a monkey wrench... or a shin shattered with a 9-iron... eh, take your pick. Third - That video you posted... was that him? I know that lots of news sites change the videos out daily so...
  3. Are they the 512mb version or 320/640mb? The 512mb GTS or GT will perform better than either the 320mb or 640mb version of the gts, but the 640GTS is still a nice card. If they're 320mb cards you got screwed: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814130082 Anyway, if you don't want to oc your system then yeah get that q6600.
  4. St. Goodypants

    How Bad It Is When You Smoke Hookah This Much?

    Exercise and you'll live to be 45! That's about all I want out of life. Of course I'm probably going to be killed randomly by someone sick of my smartass/badass attitude.
  5. St. Goodypants

    What's Wrong With The World Today?

    Alright, I'll try to be serious. The number one problem from my point of view is the desire to do things which affect how others choose to live their lives.
  6. St. Goodypants

    Need Girl Help

    QUOTE (iron molly black @ May 26 2008, 11:50 AM) QUOTE (St. Goodypants @ May 25 2008, 07:13 PM) QUOTE (Exile @ May 23 2008, 06:48 PM) Good girls like to live precariously through their badass boyfriends. *toast* *hatsoff* Or badass friends-who-are-male. It's VICARIOUSLY! Couldn't let it go on the second time. But precariously is a pretty funny substitution. Wait, precariously works pretty well in this situation. Personally I think that it works better than vicariously.
  7. Future SLI capability? The new cards come out within a couple of months. Don't link to gamespot for hardware reviews. They're usually shit (not to mention that they reuse URLs so you can't link to them and get the same article half the time) look around on tomshardware for a while. Okay lemme ask again when I'm not drunk, do you want to overclock your system. It would require screwing with the bios, possibly frying your CPU and motherboard, and several hours spent testing to see what settings are stable. BUT it would make your system perform better for a lower price.
  8. St. Goodypants

    Computer Help

    QUOTE (VDDZ @ May 26 2008, 05:46 PM) I would suggest blowing it out with compressed air, but I've heard some people saying that can do more damage as well. Those people are idjuts. Compressed air is just about the best way to get rid of dust in any computer. For lag listen to what exile is saying about vista. Can you tell us what exactly is in your Laptop parts wise?
  9. St. Goodypants

    Post Whoring Versus Outright Boredom

    I had to do it.
  10. St. Goodypants

    What Are You Playing?

  11. I'm saying that the E8400 is a good option if you feel like fucking with it, and that it is probably best to get a slightly less expensive card now and wait to upgrade when the new cards come out. (geforce 9600 is an excellent performer for this, but so is the 8800gt) dude... I've been to 2 grad parties in the past 2 days and had a proportionate amount of sleep and a not insignificant amount of rum... I don't think I'm gonna do the best job in parts hunting right now. I can and will tomorrow though, I've got a buddy who wants me to do that for him anyways.
  12. St. Goodypants

    I Am Full Of Bad News These Days.

    oh ho? Half off sounds good but very unlikely. This really does suck though. I really like fantasia flavors and I was hoping to pick up a couple tubs soon, but DAMN... I'll get starbuzz if I want to spend that much money. Ahhh... I'm a nakhla man anyways...
  13. St. Goodypants

    Top Five

    oh my... think hard... Nakhla Strawberry SB lemon mint (odd that that's in there...) Nakhla zaghoul (It's started growing on me, a LOT.) Fantasia Pink Lemonade (Thanks to neal I'm hooked now) Fantasia Blueberry The local shop that I usually go to recently started getting AF, so this might change very soon.
  14. St. Goodypants

    Ben Stein Movie

    Aye. 'tis a sad state of affairs t'be questin' in such an odd manner.