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  1. springs smoker

    WARNING: GenuineHookahs.com

    I've disputed the charge with my credit card company, and they are looking into prosecuting him for credit card fraud, since this isn't the first time he's done it. I've also asked Yahoo shopping to ban him from their online system.
  2. I placed on order from him six weeks ago, not only has he never shipped it, he's charged my credit card AGAIN. When I contacted him about it, he was RUDE, and then asked me to send MORE via PayPal. Why is he even allowed to post his advertisements here? I see in this forum I'm not the only person he's RIPPED OFF.
  3. springs smoker

    WARNING: GenuineHookahs.com

    When I contacted him about the second charge, he actually asked me to send him MORE money, via PayPal! Un-fricken-believable. WHY IS HE EVEN ALLOWED TO POST HERE????
  4. I placed an order with "Andy Ish" at GenuineHookahs.com (who posts his advertisements here) SIX WEEKS AGO. He charged my credit card, but never sent the order. Now I only get RUDE responses from him. And, HE CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD AGAIN! DO NOT TRUST THIS VENDOR, DO NOT EVER GIVE HIM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. WARNING! I ordered a hookah from this guy SIX WEEKS AGO, he charged my credit card, but never sent the hookah. DO NOT TRUST HIM!!!!!!!!!!1111
  6. springs smoker

    Genuinehookahs.com RIP OFF!

    I have a similar complaint. I purchased a hookah from them on August 19, but still haven't received it. They told me their credit card terminal wasn't working, but I just got my statement, and they DID charge me for the item on 8/19. Still no hookah.
  7. I purchased a hookah online from GenuineHookahs.com a month ago. Two days later, I still had not received any email confirmation of my order, so I emailed to make sure it was received. The reply was "yes, thanks." Two weeks later, I still had not received it, so I emailed and asked when it was shipped. The reply was "our credit card terminal isn't working, can you pay via PayPal?" Today, I got my credit card receipt, and found that they DID charge my credit card, on August 19. But I still haven't received a damned thing. Has anybody here ever made a successful purchase from them?
  8. springs smoker

    If you could only smoke one brand...

    Another thing to consider (especially regarding "thickness") is how you prepare your shisha. How tight do you pack it, how many holes do you poke in the foil, and how big? Do you draw fast or slow? How many coals do you use? Every hookah is probably different, too. I'm new to hookahs, but have been a traditional pipe smoker for years. One tobacco will taste very differently in different pipes, or  packed loose or tight, or drawn fast or slow. When I buy a new tobacco, it's a learning process to find exactly how I best like to smoke that tobacco. I may hate it in one pipe, but love it in another.
  9. springs smoker

    If you could only smoke one brand...

    Ok, I'm going to try and inject some sanity into this thread, by blowing your minds. What makes you think you experience the same "taste" as someone else, when you smoke brand "x" ? Have you ever heard the term "super taster"? Our taste comes from 5 different types of taste buds, which pick out different components of what we experience as "taste". It's often oversimplified into sweet, sour, salty, etc., but it's more complicated than that. But - we don't all have the same number of each of those tastebuds, or even the same ratios. From person to person, the number can vary by as much as 10x, for any given type of taste bud. Some people barely taste broccolli, others find it overpowering. So, you may taste one component 5x stronger than me, and I taste another component 5x stronger than you. What you experience is NOT the same as what I taste. So get over it. Nobody knows what someobody else experiences when they taste any particular brand or flavor. The best shisha for you, is the one that YOU like.