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  1. Rose, Lemon, Fruit Punch! It's a great mix!! I'd say... Fruit Loops.
  2. Fusion Pomegranate is amazing! My friend and I ended up smoking a 250G box in a week.
  3. TheAnt06

    Buddy Is Alergic To Peach

    I have a friend who's allergic to Oranges and I'll always clean the entire hookah after smoking any shisha that has any hint of orange in it before smoking with him. Better safe than sorry.
  4. TheAnt06

    Packing A Bowl Of Tangiers Tobacco

    I just did my first bowl of tangiers tonight using this tutorial and it came out perfect!
  5. TheAnt06

    New Drum Set

    Derek's kit is an Epiarch! He's a custom drum builder out of Eames, Iowa! He does really great work and has been coming out with some really nice looking custom kits. I'm one of the people, as I'm sure Derek is, who's seen the progression of Jesse's work over the past few years. Jesse makes a great custom kit at really reasonable prices and I've been contemplating ordering a couple of snares through him.... Great looking kit, though, Snoopy! Looks real fun to play, and I love the tom sizes! So, which drummers here post on the Pearl Drummers Forum?
  6. TheAnt06

    Km Exotica

    There are almost NO KM's in the country. According to Neal there will be KM's in the country by the week of the 12th of June.
  7. TheAnt06


    I got mine in today! I'm about to try the Margarita right now!
  8. I'll tell you, they will not confiscate it if you use it only for tobacco. When I came back from Jordan I brought 6 of them back with me... The best way to pack them is put the stem, shisha, hose, and metal parts in your actual suitcase, put the base, wrapped up in a shirt or something, and bowl in your carry-on bag. Try lugging six bases... 4 large and 2 small in one carry on bag.
  9. I'll be sure to check it out next week when it arrives!
  10. I made my first order of Tangiers tonight through HS K Peach, Schnozberry, and Rootbeer. And a phunnel! Looks like this is going to be some fun experimenting.
  11. TheAnt06

    Coolest Hookah Usage

    Last night we made a watermelon head... Smoked for HOURS
  12. TheAnt06

    Coolest Hookah Usage

    Lately, I've only been smoking out of fruit heads. It intensifies the juiciness of the tobacco. But, the coolest thing I've done lately... 6 shots of Vodka in the base. We felt it after 15 minutes.
  13. TheAnt06

    Nammor "disco" Hose

    I was the first one to get one. My lights died quick because the casing on the mouth piece that contains teh LEDS was cracked when I got it and shattered four days later. HS is sending me a new one
  14. TheAnt06

    Just Got Inked!

    QUOTE (emachine @ Apr 27 2008, 12:30 AM) lol sweet!, is it on your leg? It's on my inner forearm, right below my elbow.