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  1. QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ May 4 2008, 12:32 AM) QUOTE (mushrat @ May 3 2008, 10:54 AM) QUOTE (Bulldog_916 @ May 2 2008, 11:39 PM) I realize that everyone has bad experiences sometimes. It isnt always the shipper's fault. I can attest to this on MULTIPLE occasions. 1st off, at some times, 1 more strip of tape would have gone a long way in making sure the box didnt fall apart, but the company shipping the package didnt do that. I work for FedEx. YES, some of the employees are jackasses. But that goes with every company. The damage rate for our particular hub is 1 in 1275. That means out of every 1275 packages that run through our machines, are loaded into trucks and are handled by our drivers, only 1 is damaged in transit. We run from 60,000 packages a day in our low period from January to July to 150,000 packages a day in our peak season. Not every package is going to get through unscathed. So, on a slow day you damage roughly 50 packages a day, and on a busy day you can damage 118 packages and you consider this to be something to be proud of? Nothing personal but if through mishandleing you damage or destroy 50 packages on an average day, thats 50 people who trusted your service who are not getting what they paid for or are not getting the package their grandmother sent. And getting insurance, something you have to pay extra on anything over $100 in value, just to try to cover yourself incase you are one of the lucky 50 or 118, is a scam and even if you have it, good luck working through the red tape, call centers, and incompetant people in claims who's job it is to NOT have to pay out money for something they destroyed. Hardly something to be shouted from the rooftops. The damage rate is a lot higher in UPS and USPS by volume. A lot of it has to do with how much our employees are being paid as opposed to UPS and DHL and USPS. The only one that even comes close to our average (company wide, not just our hub terminal) is DHL. UPS employees are paid 8 bucks an hour. Ours start as high as 10. It makes a difference. Just because it is damaged doesnt mean it is destroyed, it could be as small as a busted corner on the box or a complete loss. Damage is damage. We have dedicated QA people whose job it is to make sure those packages are taken care of, and usually, they are. The ratio of destroyed packages is a LOT lower than damaged ones. You have to remember that it isnt only employee hands the package ends up in. It goes through a host of conveyors, slides, trucks, rollers, and chutes to get to the trailers, and not all packages that come in to the building are pristine in the first place. It isnt just some magic process where the package gets on a truck and ends up at your door. I understand you're paying for a service and you should be well taken care of. But at the same time, I used to slog it out every day inside one of those trailers and have a little bit of dedication to the business that's given me practically everything I have. Take a tour of the inside of a hub or terminal sometime and it will give you a good idea of the intricacies of the business. damn skippy man i concur compeltely being that i work for ups i am a midnight outbound supervisor of one fo the largest HVD's in the phoenix az hub and yeah fedex pays 10 over the 8.50 we start at and yeah we have damages, but that is what our damage cage employees are employed to help repack or asses damges and get them properly taken care of cause believe me it hardly has anyhting to do with the loaders doing damages as compared to jsut the design of the systems then you also gotta think about if the package is missorted to the wrong belt then it is getting processed all over again through the hub and eveytime a set of hands handle the packages there is more liekly a chance of them getting damaged going down conveyors, moving diverters and slidesso it isn't so muhc the company's fault as it is the design of the material/equipment that is being used i mena hell every pacakge that comes through my hu is hand unloaded, hand sorted, picked off buy someone else sedning the package in tothe correct destination trailer and hand loaded i think that there most people don't realize and its gonna put some wear and tear on your box so 1 piece of tape ain't gonna cut it next time u might want to make sure it is tape up good and well causde u never know what could happen....hell a few weeks ago we had one of the midnight's loaded trailers on it way across the country flip over and roll, they had to re handle all the packages through the nearby hubs and assess all the damages and decide if it was salvagable or total losses whatver enough of my ranting joshey
  2. hipoblaze


    you got cafe feshawi on dale and katella, and you can visit layalina they have a store front i gotta remeber the location and i will post it for ya
  3. hipoblaze

    Best Instant Coal?

    i like 3 kings but one of my local shops gave me a roll pf pharoahs elite quicklights i must say these are as good as the 3k's and are half the price so i will be using these weh i am not using naturals joshey
  4. hipoblaze

    New Layalina Flavors

    yeah i picked up margharita while i was in california on my way back home on monday. me and my girl actually stopped at layalina's store we were driving to the freeway to leave and saw a sign that said layalina tobacco decided to stop and check it out, got a couple tubs of AF for less then 10 bucks, a bunch of 50's for a dollar a piece...i will so be stopping there again next time i go to my folks joshey
  5. hipoblaze

    Arizona Smokers Az

    peoria/glendale/phoenix area here joshey
  6. hipoblaze

    Official Km Fan Club

    hey hey i have been meaning to post here in this thread i got me my own KM a couple weeks ago from a local market in phoenix az called open sesame its 35" and loooks like the pear its blue but i don't think it is a caravan i have not sen ay pics of the pipe like mine they dind't have any more blue KM hoses so they gave me a green one and dropped the price a bit...been smoking out of it since that night and absolutley love it before this pipe i have had cheap chinese hookahs(i.e. mitsuba was my first pipe then bought a 23" sultan then a rotating sultan cause the store i frequented only sold these brands) here is the only pic i have of it currently joshey
  7. QUOTE (bryankphotography @ Mar 17 2008, 07:58 PM) bah, that ups midnight shift pays well, though true it does even more so since i got promoted to supervisor make as muhc as most full time postions elswhere and i only put in 27.5'ish hours a week but nee dto start looking for a 2nd p/t job to make up for my new car joshey
  8. just finished me a bowl before i head off to work(uggh ups midnight shift sucks) of what was left of my fantasia pink lemonade(about 10%) mixed with some AF strawberry(90%) out of my new phunnel bowl i got about a week ago on my new KM i got finally now i have a good hookah instead of all that crappy chinese shiat OMG this thing is awesome joshey
  9. c'mon no one has anything at all they want to trade with me for this i will consider pretty much any offer i hate the fact i have this stuff and will never smoke it so maybe someone has something to offer me for it so it doesn't go to waste joshey
  10. hey there everyone i bought a 250 jar of al fakher cappuchino when i bought my new KM hookah a couple weeks back and well to be honest i don't like it and my girl hates it anyone want o trade for something??? i am in the phoenix az area if that matters thanks joshey
  11. hey ya'll new to the forum posting but lurked for a while and am not really new to hookah been smoking off and on about 4-6 years now but recently been smoking alot more and just bought a phunnel well anyways i really would like to try some tangiers that everyone raves about however i am quite a bit scared of it due to the horro stories of wasting whole 250's qnd still not getting it to smoke good, i live here in phoenix/peoria az anyone in the area who smokes tangiers wanna hook a brotha up or reccomend somehwere i can go to smoke some or even if someone can send me some tobaccy maybe just enough for a medium phunnel so i can at least attempt it would be much appreciated thanks fellas joshey
  12. hipoblaze

    Keeping It Up All Night

    i personally use one of my old little ikea end tables to put my hookah on when i smoke and i almost always am smoking inside either playing a game with my lady and friends or watching a movie or t.v... recently i made a cheap resourceful wind cover out of a "B F C" monster can and it helps for when i am moving my hookah from the kitchen to the room to help keep the finger coals form rolling off i also use it while smoking and turn off all fans and AC joshey
  13. hey guys just so you know those times are measured in what we at ups call "ticks" its hard to explain but say 10:30 pm it would first be converted into 24 hr time then it is converted into ticks so instead of jsut 22:30 it becomes 22:50 so then like 10:45 would be 22:75 and so on so forth i work out of the phoenix location on the night sort i supervise the outbound red belt will be there 1 year in march we do all kinds of crazy things msot of the public would look at as stupid but whatcha gonna do i still don't totally get the ticks conversion so i use the converter on the 'puter we run joshey