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  1. New Tat

    yeah i have seen alot of bad tats and always judging them but i saw this guys work before hand and chose him because i knew he did good work. i cant wait to finish my concept. on the other arm im either going to have a bass clef same style but in red or the bass clef like that but fire instead of water.
  2. New Tat

    So i just got my first tat yesterday and was wondering what everyone things about it, its a G-Clef
  3. Work Pics!

    sorry i wish i could take pictures at my work but i cant because im not allowed to have a camera on premises. national security reasons, but i work on the design of subs
  4. What Are You Playing?

    final fantasy 9, 7, and 6 smash bros brawl
  5. hey mush why don't you have everyone that makes a video review or post a video do it through youtube with a link so that it doesn't use that much bandwith in that retospect
  6. neal you guys are amazing sending out my order next day, you really didn't need to do that for me. Thanks so much you offically are getting all of my business and as many people that i can refer to you. and the clear and frosted km is amazing
  7. Starbuzz Blue Mist

    the only thing that gets me about the tangiers is that the funnel bowl takes so much tobacco that its hard to afford it
  8. Concert Time

    going to stone temple pilots on the 26, ashes divide in july and slipknot/disturbed whenever they are comming around
  9. Free Nine Inch Nails Cd Download

    well r1v3th3ad im a huge industrial fan myself and i agree with you about trent but look at all that he has been through getting over that huge drug addiction, it changes you as a person, but his music has stayed pretty true to the genre. but i got to listen to the cd today and thought it was pretty good, id give it a 4 out of 5 for the elevulation that trent is going toward, but it isnt nearly as good as the fragile or downward spiral http://music.ign.com/articles/872/872307p1.html review of albumn
  10. What's The Significance Of Your Id?

    mine is the first inatial of my first name, last name, and birthday
  11. Fotm?

    i sent him a pm about it and asked about a hookah at the same time (which i ordered on monday ), he said that im on now so your best bet is to pm him and he will answer you when he gets the chance
  12. 106 Visitors....

    thats a good time that is if everyone isnt out drinking, i know i will
  13. New To Hookah

    if you can use natural coals over quick lights because well at least to me it changes the taste of the tobacco
  14. Free Nine Inch Nails Cd Download

    well alot of nin has always been very experimental, i downloaded it but wont have a chanc to listen to it till tomorrow at work
  15. Free Nine Inch Nails Cd Download

    do you know what nin albumn it is by chance man or is it some completely new materail?