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  1. an quick chime in.... I would suggest a mod go through and edit out every actual instance of the word P**P** from the forum. I know several members of cigar/pipe forums who had their account locked after pp found out they belonged to a certain forum by doing some kind of a search for their own name. when they read a post like 'p**p** sent!' without the edits it doesnt take long to shut down your account.
  2. also, i'm not discouraging people from doing money refund reqeuests because I dont want to request it, but because once pp locks your account they also dont REFUND your money. Honestly at this point beyond hoping to get the money back in general, i'm hoping nobody else gets a locked account over it.
  3. again, to anybody sticking up for me thanks a ton. to camel, thank you for your last post and support. shimoon, i'm not going to respond to several of your posts but I will say a few things... my last post in here was at at 5pm today, sorry I have sunday evening commitments and couldnt get back until now. I have a couple of bills i HAVE to pay this week, after that whatevers left will start going towards paying people back in the meantime. If I can get the money back and pull off the groupbuy then after I have the hookahs here in my possession then we can work something out if you still want them. except to hear back from me no later than wednesday assuming nothing happens before then.
  4. thanks for that mushy, whats paypal going to refund them with? my money thats locked up? that wont work I assure you. Its been tried by others in the past. Again, I'm doing what I can to work this out, but thanks a ton for making everybody feel much less optimistic about it.
  5. Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates here. I had been checking the forum for 'new posts' every couple of days and hadnt seen this pop up. My fault entirely for not updating. Thanks to those of you who are reassuring others that this will be handled one way or another. I would prefer to not say which member it was, at the time I dont even remember, I know it was not a forum name I recognized as a regular poster. my emails to pp have gone unanswered lately and its getting frustrating. apparetly when they say 'within 30 days' they mean 'in 30 days, no sooner' Mush, while you have every right to comment on this thread, your not a part of the group buy and your negative nancy attitude isnt helping anything. so thanks, but please let us handle this. to answer a previous question. There was a small hiccup with the sellar where he thought I was going to just pp him a very large sum of money on the assumption he had a huge stock of myas and would ship them to me. I worked out a deal instead where the money will be held in escrow for the actual transaction (i'm paying escrow fee's out of my pocket). I hadnt opened my pp account for a week or so when I realized this. I'll keep around this thread more often (specific thread is now bookmarked for me) and I will make sure to keep you all updated when I hear ANYTHING. if you need to get ahold of me quicker feel free to email me at b.logan.brown AT gmail DOT com that should get you a fairly quicker response, within a day for sure.
  6. OK guys. so here is a very unfortunate update.... somebody, not exactly positive who, and i'm not going to say who i think it was, has done exactly what i requested not and managed to say several things like hookah, shisha, etc in his message. I am locked out of my own pp account. I cant log in/access anything. Not only is everybodys money from this group buy in here, but I also have a very large sum of money in pp at the time. I have been calling/emailing pp trying to figure something out and so far all I have received is 'We will take up to 30 days to investigate the matter and confirm or change our decision. I dont know what to do guys because this flat out sucks. I will say 2 things. Since I ran this group buy and you all trusted me with your money, I will get your money back to you. one way or the other. please be understanding here guys and know i'm doing everything I can to get this resolved.
  7. wow wade, i've been looking for those panties for weeks now, you could have at least told me you took them! and pooky, i'm calling you sometime tonight. one of those mini's is mine, since i got fucked over at hd. and i'll offer up a sweet trade for an actual shirt that says 'FUCK HD' on it.
  8. hey wade, get me a shipping quote on a 250 of each shisha and a couple hookahs? the minis for sure also, like i said on the phone last night, sorry to hear bro and I hope everything works out for the best.
  9. Quick update guys. so far everything matches up with orders/payments. that said theres a SMALL hiccup with the purchase between the seller and I. nothing major. mostly just me working out details to make sure we dont get scammed/screwed over on this. I'll let you all know when its fixed and I can make sure our money is safe.
  10. thanks guys, everything checks out so far. keep em coming! correlating members and the pp accounts and separate payments is taking more effort than I thought!
  11. OK guys going through my pp account has been CRAZY i'm trying to get a total of how many are ordered, but its hard wtih people who sent extra money for more hookahs SO please post here saying how many you ordered total and what the name was ON THE ACCOUNT YOU PAID WITH please DO NOT REPLY to this thread with anything but that. thanks a lot guys, trying to get through this as fast as possible.
  12. LOCK THIS UP MODS i'm going to do a final tally on the number of myas ordered total tomorrow and call the guy on monday to arrange things. if anybody needs a last minute one email me at b.logan.brown AT gmail DOT com
  13. QUOTE (K1024 @ Mar 15 2009, 02:16 AM) alright its been a long time, echo did you ever get a package? i guess 12 days isnt that long, but yeah it should have been there by now... i say if echo responds saying she didnt get it then someone else should claim Z2G spot...tell me if im overstepping my role in this, but i have to thnik that this guy forgot or isnt going to do it anymore.. exactly. go back and start before that wish was fullfilled. anybody understand why the rules are there now?
  14. last day for payments. if somebody is sending today let me know, or if you think you may be a day late get at me asap guys!
  15. QUOTE (K1024 @ Mar 11 2009, 10:18 PM) you realize that he could have easily been talking about Z2G? anyone can screw the system over by posting their list before they post a dc number, and then going back and saying that they cant ship the stuff, or they never ship the shisha...not just you. you need to calm down, i dont think he meant any offense. ^exactly. i'm not trying to be cruel or mean here. Believe the cigar forums I belong to have at any given time roughly 5-15 pay it forward/make a wish threads going. Like I said, nothing personal, but at least once a month of every forum somebody comes in and 'will send theirs first' on a pif/maw and immediately posts their list and then never sends what they were supposed to. they just take what was sent to them and dissapear. We know what 'signs' to look for anymore on people that do this and believe me the number one red flag is somebody who doesnt do near anything on the forum except for posting in a thread where they would get something. somebody just did this on roughly 4 pifs on a forum i'm on before anybody realized what he was doing. i understand this game quite well. I know, I started it. I'm trying to protect this game, as well as the members of the forum. take your time, you'll get in on this game sooner or later. its not going to end in a week. nothing personal, but I am trying to protect the integrity of the forum.
  16. you guys forget i'm on house arrest with no life! fire up a bowl and start packing!
  17. whichever one of you creepers saved that picture send it to me in a pm! i wont tell!
  18. not a lot of offense meant in those posts friend. believe me I have been scolded more than once on more than one forum for jumping in to things a little too fast. After being around them for a while I understand why. not to be mean, but let me break this down for you: -nobody here knows you -all internet forums are full of people out looking to get something quick and dissapear -the rules WERE clearly stated in the OP -its common courtesy to post an intro thread on any forum. i know several that you cant post until you have made an intro thread. while you may be the most genuine guy in the world, and i truly hope you are, making 33% of your posts on a forum looking for somebody to send you something on just your word raises a couple of red flags to anybody. especially when you havnt taken the time to do the simple things like filling out a profile or any of that. just makes it look more like your not here for the long run. again, really not trying to be rude in this post, but trying to give you an idea of why you got the response. theres a ton of ways to 'contribute' to the community that do not involve the PIF. make a review or two, share you input, that kind of thing.
  19. if mattarios doesnt want it, i do. also assuming everything is in good shape.
  20. actually bob, why not post up an introduction thread... and maybe fill out your profile a little bit while your at it? since you seemingly havnt touched it since you joined.
  21. bob, nobody can post their list until they post the delivery confirmation number so we know they sent it. Sorry but thats the way it is. calm down a little and make a post or two thats not in the PIF thread.... you'll get a chance to play.
  22. yea... stickam was bumping for a while.. but stickam is absolutely retarded imo these days. wtf is the point in cam if nobody is going to talk? they sit on cam doing nothing and just type. not what i want to use my wifi for. these days i voice skype nightly wiht some guys and play poker. it a lot of fun and probably where i'll be staying until something better comes out. also anytime you label a stickam room witha forum it wont go over well. leave stickam to the hookah world at large and let everybody play. too many people are isolated calling it by a forum name. just my 02
  23. QUOTE (myasaray.com @ Mar 7 2009, 12:00 AM) QUOTE (Canon @ Mar 6 2009, 07:16 AM) Just came in the mail today. its a Mya bohemian vase, very nice and very pretty. (yes i am getting a replacement) more pictures to come if you guys want Dear Canon I would like to let you know that the broken vase image you are showing is NOT a MYA CRYSTAL VASE. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 1866 277-9MYA Thank you Mahmoud Badawi CEO HOLY SHIT. this could turn out to be interesting! where did you order from canon?
  24. your not gonna get that promise. even from eric himself. its a risk you'll have to take.
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