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    All In One Car Shisha

  2. Hi everybody !!Long time ago I posted something :)I found this by the accident while surfing through the www and thought everybody should take a look at this stuff:- All In One Car Shisha (fits a 12V connection)and- All In One Electric ShishaA kind of R2D2 smoking experience made in Taiwan isn't that puffing cartoon guy great ...I wrote to the seller - he would ship me one of those car robots, whenever he could net tell me a price yet.Has anybody see ot tested this Shishas before ? [url="http://www.electricshisha.com.tw/Happy"]http://www.electricshisha.com.tw/Happy[/url] smoking guys,tobbsman
  3. Hi everybody, good to be back after some while ... Has anybody tried that Tangiers Tobacco (Hookahcompany,made in USA) ? I read just some very good reviews with amazing high rates on a German forum, from a seriouse forum member. I would be interested to hear some more reviews ... cu tobbsman 
  4. tobbsman

    SOEX - Herbal Hukka

    jup, that's wright alen, but the best of kamarain is still Mint, so refreshing ... hmmmmmm Strawberry and Cherry sux ___________tobbsman  
  5. Just found this on the web: [img]http://hookahforum.com/uploads/tobbsman/images/2005-06-21_025644_soux_copy.jpg[/img] [b]SOEX HERBAL MIXED FRUIT MOLASSES [/b]NO TAR, NO NICOTINE, NO TOBACCOAVAILABLE IN 250 GRAM PACKS Has anybody ever heard about that stuff ? Sounds interesting to me to give it a try. Of course there are also no customs/duty problems with shiping, cause there's no tobacco included. The site is quite interesting, they also carry AFZAL Molasses from India and Kamarain Tobacco, whenever the flavor selection of Kamarain is very limited. [url="http://www.shishapipe.co.uk/mainm.htm"]http://www.shishapipe.co.uk/mainm.htm[/url] _____________tobbsman  
  6. Interesting ZAP ...hmmmm ... you say that your massel is quite dry. That is strange, because my Layalina flavors are the most moist flavors I ever encounterd. And the raspberry has a very distinct smell/flavor, which can in it's intensity compete to any Fakher flavor. I just looked, mine was produced Jan. 2005. ...I have no explaination for your experience... Yesterday I tried for first Layalina Pineapple. It came in a 50g sampler and opens like a matchbox (very handy). This flavor just blew me away. For my feeling by far the best pineapple hookah flavor available. I'll do part 2 of my Layalina reviews in the next days. I can just repeat, this brand is up there with the best ! _________tobbsman    
  7. tobbsman

    Im back! Well, almost...

    Hi ZooJohnnyZETA, good that you're back ! Can you PM me you homeadress again, that I can send you that Habibi/Layalina/Haitham samples ... (because I deleted my PM inbox messages) ... I have them ready to ship ________tobbsman        
  8. I found a very new research about hookah-smoking (especially with flavored tobacco/foil). It provides very detailed information and statistics. e.g. amount of harmful substances/carcinogenes and compares exactly to cigarette smoking. The best and most serious research I have ever read and the most shocking  one, I have to admit. [url="http://www.bfr.bund.de/cm/216/gesundheits_und_suchtgefahren_durch_wasserpfeifen.pdf"] [url="http://www.bfr.bund.de/cm/216/gesundheits_und_suchtgefahren_"]http://www.bfr.bund.de/cm/216/gesundheits_..._suchtgefahren_[/url][/url] durch_wasserpfeifen.pdf Thinking about smoking much less in the future ....[img]http://hookahforum.com/forum/smileys/smiley9.gif[/img] ___tobbsman  
  9. The cheapest place to get a Double Head Bowl is your HOME   ... I made 2 of them myself, one "female" head and one male head for my syrian Hookah. The advantage of making them yourself is that you can decide the sice? depth of the bowls. Because I got before one from a hookah store and the heads were much so small for my  use  ... Just get 2 kilos of clay and get startet ... One head takes about 30min. work till its perfect. Then let it dry for several days/weeks and bring it to the clay-shop to bake in the clay-oven. They have to bake it twice (second time for the overglaze). I will post some pictures soon. It's fun and works 100% if you have e handicrafts talent  ... My next project will be a 4-headed Bowl for longer hookah sessions ... ________tobbsman  
  10. tobbsman

    Habibi apple

    @ZooJohnnyZETA: I am back in Amsterdam and I am ready to send you the ma'assel samples. I deleted the PM with your adress by accident. Can you give me your adress again, then I will send it tomorrow ... _________tobbsman
  11. 1) Abu Haitham Apple: The Classic, the taste of the Arab world2) Fakher GS Black Grapes: Easy to impress experienced and non-experienced hookeh smokers with a ovherwhealming sweet end bold smoke3) Romman or Fakher Doubble Apple:Any beginner has to taste the typical Bahreini (licorice) flavor4)Al Qemah Appleexperience strongness of tobacco tase combined with a fantastic weired sweet apple taste 5)Al Amir Grapewhat a grape taste with the smoothest smoke ever, so different to Fakher6)Fakher GS Strawberrysmooth, sweet and mild Strawberry-Mania7)Abu Haitham Jasminhave a cup of Jasmin-tee and experience an asian hookah-flair8)Moassel Sidi Mansour AppleTunisiana tobacco is so different to the arab tobbaco: smooth and decent apple flavor 9)Fakher PlumThis flavor is so unique, a must to try once. Very similar to Amir Peach.10)Abu Haitham MintThe Blow-out-your-brain experience........................................................(11)Layalina Eskanderanitypical sour-apple flavor(12)Fakher Colaso sweet and bold (13)Layalina Cherry(14)Al Danah Apple(15)Fakher Cappotchino........................................................groetjes, tobbsman
  12. Fakher needs verrrrry little heat ... try it first with a small 3King and take a lot of space between foil and tobacco (at least 5mm). You can also take 2 layers of foil ... then nothing can happen ... as I experienced AF Cherry is very sensitive to heat ...good luck, tobbsman
  13. [quote name='ZooJohnnyZETA'] the only coal I use is Three Kings. I'vetried a lot of different brands and I just like Three Kings the best.To me they taste completely neutral and add no flavor whatsoever to thesmoke.  [/quote] [quote name='wyteboy']p.s. I do find it wierd that almost everyone says 3kings is bad and adds a bad taste but you, I think one of the most experienced smokers on this forum, uses them exclusively! I guess it's all about personal preference [/quote] I have same experiences with the 3Kings coals, I love them. If you handle them good they bearly add any bad flavor to your smoke. I mean, one has to light them while holding them with a tong and wait till the whole coal is glowing. Than you put it on the foil. Because, if you put the coal on the foil and you light it while laying on the foil, a small part of the coal which touches the foil will not glow through and one will have bad taste throughout the whole smoking session. But if you let it glow through, the 3Kings are fantastic.Another theory why I think I love them is: My first year of hookah smoking I used only 3Kings, and I think I got so used to the little taste which they add, that I miss it when I take other coals Last years I tried a lot of different coal types but finally I always come back to my 3Kings. One exception: This nour coals are superb, whenever heat is not so easy to control as with the 3Kings. They give a good heat for a big bowl of tobacco and they add just 0 bad taste to your smoke. For special occasions I always take the nour coals. groetjes, tobbsman
  14. [quote name='cypress']I havent had an exceptionaly bad one yet.[/quote] Me neither ! Most of the Fakher flavors are absolutely great. Maybe you have to change something in your set-up. I don't know if you were only used to smoke Al Danah tobacco. Namely Danah needs much more heat than Fakher does. If you treat your Fakher with the same heat you treated your Danah, I can imagine that you probably burnt the Fakher flavor immediately ... so try to take more space between foil and tobacco... But I believe you, Danah is indeed a very premium Brand. The two flavors which I know (Apple, Strawberry) are very spacial hard to beat. But there are more of this quite unknown (for us western guys) premium brands out there, especially in the UAE one can find incredible stuff. If you know somebody who can bring you some tobacco from the near east countries ask for: - Al Raqi (UAE): Big Brand, very high grade and easy to find. Lots of flavors, also 50g samplers - Ma'assel Ghntoot (UAE): only 500g, 1000g, also fantastic - Saloum Bahreny Moassel (cube-box, Egypt): very common, very good  apple-cinemon-vanillia-licorice tasting apple flavor. only 250g - Merci (Egypt), lots of flavors 250g, some flavors are quite descent - Al Malik (i think UAE too), I know the grape flavor which is outstanding groetjes, tobbsman  
  15. I had contact with George Johnson from the Hookahcompany.com. He is trying to get some samples and may add Al Danah to his stock in the future. That's what I found out about the Al Danah producers. They have also a webpage ...Ahmed Mohamed Saleh Baeshen & CoP.O.Box 18 Jeddah 21411Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaTel: +966 2 6531760Fax:+966 2 6531536 [url=""][/url]groetjes, tobbsman