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  1. austinthecity

    Looking For Quality Syrian

    QUOTE (Scoop @ Sep 21 2009, 04:16 PM) QUOTE (austinthecity @ Sep 21 2009, 12:00 PM) Brass, similar to this: http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=16597 that one is pretty bad imo. threaded hookahs + common chamber = fail. may as well get a mya... Scoop, can you recommend a quality Syrian then? I have a KM and love it; I'm looking to get a Syrian. I would prefer the feel of a solid stem.
  2. austinthecity

    Looking For Quality Syrian

    Brass, similar to this: http://www.hookahforum.com/?showtopic=16597
  3. austinthecity

    Looking For Quality Syrian

    I saw the AF hookah - and I also saw that they improved a lot on them (downstem, removable 2nd tray, etc). However, it still doesn't have a solid brass downstem. Does anyone still sell these?
  4. I've been out of the forum loop for a while but I am back and needing some advice. I apologize for not using the search feature - I'm not sure the results would answer the specific question I have. I also apologize in advance for possibly mentioning a banned vendor; I just would like to be as specific as possible in describing the hookah I am looking for. I am looking for a solid brass stem Syrian like the ones sold by a banned vendor a year or so back. I am looking for a teardrop base if that design is still out there. I liked the stems that came apart in several pieces for easier storage/cleaning. Are there any good vendors out there that have something like this now? Thanks in advance! Austin
  5. I used to just "let it air dry"... but the water droplets won't go away inside the stem. To be effective, you need to get a coat hanger and push a bit of paper towel through the stem. However, air drying the outside is fine.
  6. austinthecity

    Mini Phunnel Talk

    nice... thx again IV
  7. austinthecity

    Mini Phunnel Talk

    payment sent
  8. austinthecity

    Mini Phunnels (SOLD OUT)

    Turbulent Indigo 30134 would take 2, 2nd being red bottom black top edit: shipping zip would be 30117
  9. austinthecity

    Limit Help Please

    in order to prove it, you have to use the squeeze theorem... you can't just say sqrt(x) goes to 0 and it's multiplied to the whole limit goes to 0. the limit may not exist... for squeeze thm: [i'm going to use "<" but it's really less than or equal to] we know -1 < sin(pi/x) < 1 so e^-1 < e^sin(pi/x) < e^1 so sqrt(x)*e^-1 < sqrt(x)*e^sin(pi/x) < sqrt(x)*e and since we know the limit of the outside functions -> 0, it "squeezes" our function to 0 as well.
  10. austinthecity

    Limit Help Please

    not quite... you can't divide by 0.
  11. austinthecity

    Limit Help Please

    yea.. use the squeeze theorem.. try the parameters: 1/e <= e^sin(pi/x) <= e
  12. austinthecity

    Smoking In A Hotel

    find a shoe box or something and tape it to the wall over the smoke detector
  13. austinthecity

    Contemplating Picking This Thing Up

    pfffft... i could pick up like 10 of those...
  14. austinthecity

    Attn: Eric/sonthert

    i'd be interested in a extra small funnel.. for short sessions and i could just use 2 coals..
  15. one of the things i like about coconaras over exoticas is that you don't have to break them...