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  1. White Rhino

    Social Smoke White Rhino Hookah: Mya QT Bowl: Genie Vortex (lightly modified to fit the QT stem better) Hose: Stock Mya Screen/Foil: Standard Reynolds wrap Coals: Coconaras Liquid In base: Fitered water Appearance: Gold color with a few stems Smell: The shisha itself smelled like rose plus a nondescript earthy note, almost like clean dirt. When smoking there is a clear rose scent with almond undertones. Taste: Tastes like lightly toasted almonds. Mild but pleasant taste overall. Smoke Thickness: Thick clouds with diligent heat management Buzz: Mild Duration: 2 hours   I would rate White Rhino at 8/10 overall. This was actually one of the better at-home sessions I've had in a while. I've always liked floral scents/flavors so this was a great blend for me, but I also know that many people aren't into the floral as much so beware. There is a definite nuttiness to White Rhino but the primary characteristic is the lingering rose scent.
  2. Violet (if anyone here has tried Toque violet nasal snuff you know how amazingly good this can be - both floral and sour at the same time)   Prickly Pear   Frankincense   I also heartily concur with the rhubarb and pine scent suggestions!
  3. A Quick Question

    Soex has a very weak flavor IMO. Try using just the layalina and three half coals(one and a half total).
  4. My mom is pretty cool with me smoking hookah as long as I don't do it every day or for more than an hour or so at a time. I think she understands that it's one of the things that helps me keep my head screwed on straight!
  5. Screw The Flu...

    A perfect opportunity to smoke some ricola!
  6. Leaving Your Hookah Set Up?

    I keep mine stored in it's travel bag when not in use, but would love to display it if I had a safe place to do so.
  7. What Should I Smoke First?

    Gum ball for sure!
  8. Milk In The Base

    Yeah, I just can't imagine using anything that could add a rotting flavor to future hookah sessions...
  9. Roughly 3-5 per week on average.
  10. Grape

    Soex Grape Shisha Cut: Chopped up sugar cane. Hookah Type: 26" Egyptian Duration: 90 minutes Bowl: Egyptian Clay Bowl Foil / Screen: Metal screen Coal / Amount: 1 Golden quick light Smoke: Fair Buzz: None Smell / Flavor: Smelled like wine out of the package. Smoke was very lightly flavored of white grape. Rating (1-10): 8. No bad taste, just very lighty flavored of grapes. I will continue to smoke Soex as a tobacco alternative due to health concerns.
  11. Free Samples

    Email sent. Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm thinking of getting one for my brother.
  13. Smoked Soex Peach with Romman Rose last night. Made for a nice "half-strength" buzz, and tasted pretty good too. I'm currently smoking Soex Grape. Not too bad, but the flavor/scent is a little light.
  14. Colorado Smokers Co

    I'm in Greeley.
  15. What Flavors Got You Near Pukage

    Citrus flavors mixed with mint always wear me down fast.