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  1. Has anybody tried mixing Kamal with another shisha?
  2. Just got my King watermelon moassel today. Thanks a lot. Can't wait to try it. I'll be thinking of the devils playground when it's time to refill my stash.
  3. QUOTE (shisha fan @ Feb 4 2008, 09:05 PM) according to this website the shipping costs are $12 for air shipping to my country, which is way too good to be true. i don`t trust this site. Apparently shipping in Israel is cheap. I know of another vendor (that i don't really recommend so i won't name it ) that is from this country and their shipping is also very very cheap.
  4. I order my shisha online. For a kilo, 4x250g, it costs me 60$, shipping included. It's half of what you are willing to pay. I'm at my fourth order and I never had to pay any duties.
  5. seriously, i remembered reading something about washed tobbacos recently so i searched a little and found it, i think it may be useful: QUOTE (Scheetz @ Jan 23 2008, 11:06 PM) QUOTE Washed: Tangiers Romman Nahkla Al Waha Abu Hitham Partially Washed (Usually washed mixed with a little unwashed...to retain a little nicotine) Al Basha Washed Completely Al Amir Al Fahker Layalina Starbuzz Havana Fumari HookahHookah ... Some washed brands erroneously claim to have full nicotine, either because computing the number is difficult, they wish to misrepresent their product, or they used to use unwashed foundation and then switched to a washed foundation. (layalina and Starbuzz) Washing is accomplished commonly by rinsing the tobacco with cold-room temperature water. Less commonly, the maker will use vinegar, as an acid, it neutralizes and dissolves the nicotine very well...but is more expensive (in the US). Nicotine is water soluble, so not that much water rinses it around 99% clean. So like he is saying that all shishas are washed, but to different level. Pretty interesting. More information would be nice
  6. What does Sweet Summer taste like? How easy is it to start a shisha brand in Malta? Good Luck!
  7. I remember a website that had a "smoking tips" section. One of their first so-called tips was "always keep your shisha in the fridge" or something like that.
  8. What i like of Hookah Hookah tobbaco is that it's stem free. You won't find a single one. I find it a bit hard to smoke alone because it can easily burn and the taste don't last very long. But I think it's great for mixing with another brand. Lemonade is one of the HH flavors that i like the most.
  9. Yeah, i know this website, it's pretty cool. I try to get a couple of words everyday.
  10. From what i think i have heard, it's generally not a good idea. I never did it and i don't see the need to. I just put the shisha in air tight bags or containers. It's better to keep the shisha at room temp...
  11. This looks exactly like the logo of the Nakhla tobbaco so if it's made by the same company they could be good. But if it's just the bigger brother of the coals i did a review of, (see the link by zeppyrkr), like Devin said, Beware!
  12. QUOTE (shisha fan @ Jan 27 2008, 02:15 PM) QUOTE (shishafan @ Jan 27 2008, 07:30 PM) i looked on the reviews section but didn't find any reviews. here ya go. http://www.hookahforum.com/index.php?showt...ost&p=85703 Is it your twin brother who started this thread? shishafan and shisha fan
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