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  1. QUOTE (mushrat @ Aug 26 2008, 10:53 AM) I agree..if they didnt have a lot of flavour and were harsh, the poeple who are setting up the hookahs made yours too hot or it wasnt packed right. No it was just me, I usually add an extra coal. But I think the next time, i am not gonna add extra coal on it...but thanks for the tip.
  2. Hey its been a while since i posted, I finally got a chance to try out tangiers at Lux Chateau chicago, so i was definatly up to try it out I tried Blue gumball, and grapefruit. Its good but its STRONG!!!!!!!! If your looking for flavor, then I would rather go with another brand. But if your hardcore smoker, then i can see why people love it bc it is really really strong, I dunno what it is, maybe the nicotine in it but it had me knocked out. I like blue gumball over the grapefruit. Both the bowls were lacking in flavor, were a bit harsh but good and strong. I am definatly gonna go try kashmir peach, bc everyone keeps ranting about it. But i am still loyal to AF DA or lux custom DA, just cant beat it.
  3. QUOTE (Johnny_D @ Mar 12 2008, 04:57 AM) Don't forget about SkyBuzz as well Allthough that seemed to die a death. LOL good one. honestly...if it smokes good...thats all that matters to me.
  4. Hey whats up, my buddies and I were at Lux Chateau the other night.I havent been there for awhile..it was packed with people, and I could say I had some of the best double apple ever. I love to AF DA, and of course Nahkla DA is a classic. But I went in spoke to the owner for a bit..he recommeded to me thier own house mix double apple...and it was amazing. I dying to find out whats in the house mix. Just wondering if anyone from the chicago area has been there lately or tried it out. Let me know what you guys think.
  5. QUOTE (mushrat @ Jan 28 2008, 12:57 PM) QUOTE (spoolinspoon @ Jan 28 2008, 12:00 AM) what the heck? they must have a bunch of different labels. The white Peach I saw had the red label not blue. This label is stuck over a SkyBuzz label. Even the inner bad still says Skybuzz. I'll pack the peach again today..if it's still bad i'm going ot be real afraid to try the irish cream. smells like coffee and...something... The name skybuzz was changed to Skyzzz, because starbuzz had a hissy fit with them, using buzz. Sounded to similiar...either way it still called skybuzz or skyzzz...its just that now they have new label that says skyzzz
  6. i think bubba meant to say one of the sample being sent out is WILDBERRY MINT
  7. QUOTE (mushrat @ Jan 23 2008, 07:24 PM) QUOTE (Luke69 @ Jan 23 2008, 08:08 PM) so it doesnt taste anything like starbuzz? Smells a bit like SB, thats where the similarity ends...but like i said, I'll try again in a day or so. yeah let us know
  8. ams

    My New Baby!

    QUOTE (Sdzier2 @ Jan 21 2008, 06:03 PM) So last week my bambino broke (drunk girl basically goal kicked it). I was distraught, but now I have a new love in my life. Today me and my roomate went up to ajax (arab grocery store in nile on milwaulkee if your from chicago area). I got a brand new 35 inch khalil mamoon for 70 dollars. I was shocked when I saw the price tag. This store has everything (sarays, syrian, egyptian, tons of mini's and there all really cheap). Regardless of that I am absolutely loving my new KM. I would always watch codename's youtube videos saying I needed to get one of those and I can honestly say mine hits just as good as his. Pics soon to come. NICEEEEEEEEEE cant wait to see pics
  9. ams

    Nfl Championship Weekend Predictions

    QUOTE (ASUSEAN1 @ Jan 21 2008, 01:07 PM) yea i got shitfaced after the game.. i was so pissed GB lost MAN!!!!!!!!!! the packers game really really hurt. The giants played good though, i am not gonna deny that. I hate the Pats, but they are solid and they are destined to win the superbowl...I JUST WISH THAT THE PACKERS MADE IT
  10. ams


    WB mint is actually my favorite flav and I am smoking it right now as we speak.
  11. Hmm sounds interesting.... was the soux enjoyable at all...as far as flavor and smoke...i guessing it wasnt satisfying because there was no nicotine...but how was everything else
  12. QUOTE (everydayshisha @ Jan 17 2008, 02:53 PM) Al fakher is a washed tobacco and only contains 0.05% nicotine, on the other hand, al quemah (produced and sold by the same company) is not washed and contains 0.5% of nicotine. I was told al quemah is the more premium version of al fakher.... tried it a few times...i was pretty good..but i d rather just buy the Al fakher
  13. ams

    New Macbook

    Macbook Air is hot. I have been sick of PC...too many issues. And vista is complete garbage, Id rather just keep my XP. PC are great for people who can get really really technical with,,but most of us dont...besides internet, powerpoint, word, computer games, and photoshop..we dont do much more. I am gonna make the switch real soon. also the macbook air has got some really cool features off the itouch, and so much more
  14. ams

    Illinois Il Smokers.

    In the west burbs, about a 15 to 20 min ride down 290 to downtown.
  15. And i am guessing you need to be the type thats outgoing, talkative, good people skills, eager to learn, and intuitive. being a good looking girl also helps alot