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  1. malignity

    do you inhale?

    There's a few guys I know that don't inhale, but most of us do... I don't understand how you can't.. it's such a smooth smoke that it just makes you want to
  2. malignity

    Hm.. smoker’s cough?

    I have allergies, but normally they're runny nose and watery eyes. My mom claims it's a smoker's cough.. and I'm like no, I don't think so.. cause yeah, they wouldnt be all wet and nasty. I thought they were dry too, but it's been years since she's smoked, so... *shrugs* It started about a week ago or so.. but seems to slowly be clearing up. I was just making sure that a smoker's cough wasn't a wet one. I don't know much about stuff like that. I appreciate all the help thus far
  3. malignity

    Hm.. smoker’s cough?

    Very true. My girlfriend is also a bouncy redhead.
  4. Alright, so I've never 'smoked' before, other than hookah. So I'm not sure if I'm developing a smoker's cough, or if I'm just sick. (lol) So my question is, has anyone gotten a smoker's cough from smoking just hookah? I smoke 3 times a week or so, and well, have been coughing up phlegm when I cough. Is this a symptom? lol.. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don't have the money really to go to a doctor, so I figured if it's symptoms of a smoker's cough, maybe I should cut back smoking a bit to clear up the lungs a little. 
  5. While I haven't personally experienced chinese charcoal, i've been told by my arabic friend that they're not very good. Don't take my word, just cause it's hearsay, but I figured if anything, it may be a bit of help. Every hookah place I've been to recommends Three Kings. Most places I go to only sell that brand because it works well with no flavor or anything like that. Hope that helps a little?
  6. Speaking of apple flavors... What's the difference in flavor between Double Apple, Bahraini Apple, Eskindrani, Apple and Special Apple? I had Bahraini apple, and i nearly puked. I can't stand black licorice. Do the other apple flavors smell like licorice?
  7. [quote name='Yashman19']About the 5Star mix by Al Waha, has this happend to anyone else or just me? When I first set the coals on the packed bowl and attempt to get it going, something about 5Star makes me cough. I know its not a harsh feeling that is making me cough, but the 5Star seems VERY strong when going. Then after about 10 minutes of coughing every once in a while it mellows out and tastes great. I also noticed this in my Al Waha Bannana. Its too damn overpowering in the first 10-15 minutes, causing me to cough not from burning, but then after that it mellows out and smokes great. Not a huge problem but sort of annoying how these 2 flavors do this and none of their others does.[/quote] Yashman, I've never tried Al Waha, but is it a very wet tobacco? Perhaps this is what's causing it. If there's a way to squeeze some of the juices out, perhaps it won't hit so strong? I've got a few ideas on how to do this, but I have no idea if they'd work.
  8. Nahkla Mint When I opened the box, I expected a nice green color or something, being mint. While the brown color disappointed me a little, I smelled it, and it had a slight "Vicks" smell to it, like the menthol smell in Vicks Vapor Rub. I tried it, and while the mint smell was quite strong, (so strong my girlfriend didn't like it and she smokes menthols) I didn't think it was half bad. If I was congested in the winter, smoking that would more than likely get rid of any stuffy nose. Nahkla tobacco however, compared to Al-Fahker seems to be a lot more dry. It still retains the flavor well, but the dryer cut seems to make the smoke a bit less thick. Overall Rating: 7-10. Nahkla Mixed Fruit Again, a brownish color, and dryer with less smoke than Al-Fahker. I haven't had Mixed Fruit alone yet, but I mixed it with Al-Fahker strawberry and it was delicious. It added a bit of a different flavor to the strawberry, and with fruit punch at the bottom of my bowl, I felt like I was in a fruit frenzy. An excellent 9.5 - 10 with the mix. When I try it alone, I'll revise this more. Overall Rating: To be decided/updated later.
  9. malignity


    I'll post a review of Nakhla Mixed Fruit and Nakhla Mint.
  10. malignity

    Everything is 4

    Magnum is 6 letters. Six has 3. Hm.
  11. malignity


    So I'm curious. What's your favorite mix when it comes to tobaccos? I just tried my first mix, and it was pretty good. Al-Fahker Strawberry and Nakhla Mixed Fruit. If you have any mix suggestions, please feel free to share.
  12. malignity

    Rama Geni Goodness

    What city is it in?
  13. malignity

    Romman "Lemon Wood" Charcoals

    I use Three Kings, and have been completely satisfied. Every other charcoal i've tried hasn't met my expectations like these have. 
  14. Is it too late for a sample? I'd love to try mint... but I'm not sure how long you're giving them out for.
  15. What's the site? you can't promote the site if we don't know it.