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  1. Temporary fix: Ball up a damp papertowl or tissue and plug the hole.
  2. You can skip on the glass screen & scalli mod. Phunnel will still smoke phenominally without them. Grats though on the QT. I had one for a while, and I absolutely loved it. I remember the first time I brought it over a buddie's and all my one friend said the whole night was "Tim, this is the best thing you've ever bought".
  3. Glassjaw

    Heba Diffuser

    They produce more flavor. This is simply a claim I make in my own opinion, of course. They also make the pull harder. This is a downfall, but it's not that bad. They also make the hookah quieter. This is irrelevant. If you can't hear music of TV because of the hookah, either get a hearing aid or turn up the volume. Are they necessary? No. Is the price worth simply testing it out? Yes. Do we still use one on the hookah? No. Not sure why, we simply don't.
  4. Glassjaw

    Coconara Problem....

    Poke smaller holes, tooth picks work just fine. We also use a tin foil wind cover, when you move coals and have to blow to get ash off just use the wind cover as a back board and blow towards it.
  5. Make sure you wrap the foil tight when first applying it. I never poke holes in the middle unless it gets harsh for some unknown reason. As said above, make sure you pack enough tobacco too.
  6. Glassjaw

    Smoke Rings

    QUOTE (Codename067 @ Oct 8 2008, 06:51 PM) The fatter you want the O's, the less you have to use your lips. Let me just put it out there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCMX7ygkl-Y&fmt=18 Fast forward to 1:07 and cehck that O out...fatty. I love Telepopmusik.
  7. Ugh, Lancaster is a good drive from my area. There is one in Reading, as well as Landsdale though. I believe there is another one around, but I can't quite remember where.
  8. I often clean bowls with simply a scotch pad, some soap, and some hot water. If you don't have a brush, you can take a paper towel, fold it, and then run it through the middle of the bowl (Phunnel) which helps clean it out as well.
  9. Glassjaw

    "do You Smoke?"

    So, before I answer this thread..I see someone browsing with the username noca$h. Props man. Secondly, I answer yes being as I smoke. Of course, I smoke cigarettes and hookah, but even if I were to not smoke cigarettes I would answer yes. If anyone inquires as to what, all that's needed is a simple explanation. What's so wrong with spreading knowledge?
  10. A buddy of mine just placed an order, and it should be arriving tomorrow. Looks like I get to enjoy a nice hookah session after some Frisbee practice. Woohoo.
  11. Glassjaw

    Perfect Sessions?

    To clarify things, I'm not talking about a session which is shitty entirely. Just encountering a harsh smoke and then fixing it, or something similar. I'm talking about a short bout of poor smoking, which is quickly fixed to obtain a perfect smoke. IE, when a coal dies out and needs to be replaced, or a wind cover (we use tinfoil windcovers) needs to be opened up a little for less heat. I suppose I should re word my question. Has anyone ever smoked a session without having to fix a single thing while smoking, all the while having perfect smoke?
  12. So, no matter what, every time I smoke I encounter either a harshness that needs to be corrected or what have you. I simply come with the question, Has anyone ever smoked a perfect session? Have any of you ever smoked a hookah without experiencing an imperfection or hiccup, or are they a part of hookah no matter what you do? I'm not saying I want to know how to pack better, as, not to brag or wave my E-Peen around, I am completely comfortable with my and my friend's abilities to pack and thing we have it essentially down to a simple science, per se. I am just curious as to if experiencing a shitty smoke during a pack is perfectly normal, or have some of you mastered it?
  13. Glassjaw

    Music While Sessioning?

    If you haven't heard of The Mad Conductor, then I strongly suggest you obtain it in some manner. Fantastic music for anything.
  14. Glassjaw

    Ice Bucket Hookahs

    On a similar note, anyone here ever try taking a 5 gallon bucket (Or one that will fit your hookah), setting the hookah inside of it, and then filling it with ice? I find it makes the smooth much colder.
  15. While I'm not going to argue to complain about the age restriction on this forum, I find this to be ridiculous.