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  1. hookah_hoop

    Homemade Ma'sal

    Update: I just used Captain Black Vanilla with some Kiwi fruit and honey. I washed the tobacco twice in hot water, pressed out the water, mixed in some honey and some kiwi juice and some chunks of kiwi fruit. Again it took a little longer to start producing smoke but once it did the flavor was okay and the aroma was great. Again it was an okay experience, not fantastic but okay. This time the mixture caked really quickly though, maybe 20 minutes into the bowl. More to come soon.
  2. hookah_hoop

    Homemade Ma'sal

    I have some captain black vanilla pipe tobacco lying around here too. I only used it a few times in a pipe, smells great but tastes just terrible, completely offensive to the pallete, I think it's the "vanilla" they use in it, or the fact that it's cavendish. I dunno. Anyhoo, I'll give that a try as well just to see what happens. Perhaps washing it and mixing it into ma'sal will improve it. Any suggestions as to what fruits might go well with Vanilla? I'm thinking blackberry would be good, or even orange zest might make a nice "orange creamcicle" flavor. As far as dried out cigars go, I suppose that would work just as well if not better than pipe tobaccos. Let us know how it works out. I'm glad to see so many people "getting their hands dirty with molasses". It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... oh wait, thats the beer I just drank.
  3. hookah_hoop

    Homemade Ma'sal

    Update: I just tried this again with "Zen" blueberry cigarette tobacco and it = a complete fail. Acrid taste. Little to no smoke. I'll try again soon.
  4. hookah_hoop

    Never Going Back

    QUOTE (Heffalump @ Nov 21 2008, 07:39 AM) The small pack inside the box feels nice and moist through the pack... Oops, I hope the mail carrier didn't squash it and burst it open and smash your shisha all over the inside!
  5. hookah_hoop

    Homemade Ma'sal

    I was feeling inventive yesterday so after some short research on the web I decided to try to make my own Ma'sal. I raided the fridge for fruit and found an apple (it was a winesap apple that is used for eating, generally on the tart/sour side) and some storebought clover honey (nothing special, just the kind in a sqeeze bottle that costs a few bucks at the grocery store). I also had some "Sail" pipe tobacco laying around. I washed the tobacco once (1/2 of a bowl full), diced up little pieces of apple (the fleshy part, about 1/2 a bowl full total) and included only a small amount of the skin (about the size of a dime), heated the apple over low heat in a pan for a few minutes until it started to brown, squeezed the moisture out of the tobacco in a paper towl, blended equal amounts of fruit and tobbacco in an old plastic container and smothered with a generous amount of honey. This mixture obviously would not store very well so I made my hookah with it immediately. Due to the exessive moisture in the mix it took a little longer to start producing smoke and I had to use an extra chunk of finger coal to get it going, in fact I was about to give up when it finally started to produce some nice smoke. Once it started though, the smoke was very thick, I suspect due to the excess moisture evaporating and mixing with the smoke. Now onto flavor. I was actually suprised at mild success in this first attempt. The smoke definately had flavor but it was more of a sour/tart flavor that I suspect was due to the sour/tart apple I used. There was really no sweet or sugary tastes. I'm not much of a pipe smoker and I forget exactly what "Sail" tobacco tastes like in a pipe, but I remember sometimes catching a bit of a sour sensation from pipe tobacco, so further research might require a different type of tobacco. I'm not sure where the clover honey weighed in on the flavor since all I noticed was the tart flavor coming through. All in all, I liked the idea of a more "traditional" (for lack of a better word) approach to making a hookah than relying on manufactured tobacco soaked with candy flavoring, however I did swap out my homemade ma'sal after about five minutes or so for my favorite, manufactured and packaged, bananna molasses. So, if you have friends gathered around and are out of Ma'sal or if you just want to try a more organic, unprocessed, sort of ritualistic approach to making a hookah, this was not a terrible experience and your friends won't mind waiting a few extra minutes. After all, hookah isn't about convinience, speed, and instant satisfaction, it's about social atmosphere, spending time with friends, and sharing a smoking experience.
  6. hookah_hoop

    Thermal Stone / Coal Replacement

    I'm no scientist but I just don't see the "hot rock" thing working.
  7. hookah_hoop

    Other Smokes?

    I sometimes enjoy a fine cigar (none of those cheap cigars in a pack, I'm talking a nice hand rolled cigar) and I tried getting into pipe smoking but even though the pipe tobacco smells great when it burns, it always leaves a super nasty taste in my mouth. I'm not sure what it is about the pipe but it hurts me. But of course nothing compares to molasses.
  8. hookah_hoop


    My recent favorites are Bon Iver Blitzen Trapper Fisherspooner Silversun Pickups Joshua Radin
  9. hookah_hoop

    The Music Thread

    Silversun Pickups Blitzen Trapper Fischerspooner
  10. LOL at this entire conversation! Best thread on Hookahforum yet!
  11. hookah_hoop

    A Homemade Hookah Im Working On

    No pictures?
  12. hookah_hoop

    Jewels (Formerly Kamal)

    Jewels Banana Coals: 3K quicklite Base Liquid: Water and lots of ice Appearance: short cut and very dark and syrupy Nicotine: ? (not indicated on packaging) Texture: Sticky, lumpy and wet, a little hard to sprinkle in the bowl but the payoff is extra syrup with tons of flavor! Base: Tobacco, Syrup, Glycerin & Flavors Smell: Reminds me of banana candy Taste: Easily the most flavorful shisha I've ever had. Smelled like banana candy and tasted the same, quite enjoyable and long lasting. Smoke: thick and white, very nice. Buzz: Wow! Yes! Go easy on this one. Duration: 1 Hour Purchased From: a local tobacconist for $3.25 for 50g. Overall: 9 out of 10. (I would give it a 10 of 10 but I'm reserving that for something that is impossibly delicious) This was my first banana flavor and is by far my favorite yet! It comes with 7 hose tips which seem to be flavored with banana and sugar as well which I found to be strange but not disagreeable. Even though the shisha was extra syrupy and sticky, I did not have any problems with cleanup as reported in other posts and the payoff was a hugely flavorful smoke. On the inhale the smoke has a sweet mildly banana like taste, but on the exhale the banana flavor really comes through in a prominent way, almost like eating a banana! French inhales were very enjoyable as the aroma and the flavor were cohesively enjoyable. The whole room smelled like bananas while the bowl was hot and my dogs kept licking the air to try and get a taste of this stuff! Simply put, this is my new favorite!
  13. hookah_hoop

    Paint A Base

    Glass paints are available through dickblick.com or other similar arts and crafts suppliers. Some paints must be baked on. Use a search engine for more info.
  14. hookah_hoop

    Add A Poll To The Product Review Forum

    Look, it was just a thought. I didnt' intend for this to become a long drawn out topic. I just thought it might be nice to look at a simple bar graph and say "hmmmmm, this one is highly recommended by multiple people and this one is not" before running out to buy or order a new flavor rather than sorting through all those other flavors/brands. Sounds like its not happening. So be it. Nuff said.
  15. hookah_hoop

    Making A Clay Bowl?

    QUOTE (chromecarz00 @ Sep 25 2008, 02:58 PM) you havve to post pix... I hear that Google and other search engines are perfect for doing such research on your own, especially when you're already sitting in front of a computer.