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    Drunk Posting

    Hey dudes, Its a fuckin Monday morning. It's senior skip night and I'm fuckin SLAMMED!! We're partyin' hard...class of '08!!! Peace.
  2. QUOTE (thesteve151 @ May 14 2008, 07:47 PM) QUOTE (mj_b90 @ May 14 2008, 08:35 PM) Also don't forget to check out www.worldhookah.com! Neal is a great guy to buy from and he will always do what he can to hook you up. Also free shipping can't be beat! i looked but did not see anything i wanted... If you've got your eye on something specific I'd reccomend giving him a call before you buy, he has tons more in the shop thats not online. But whatever you get, best of luck with finding a great new hookah.
  3. Rusty hoses suck, get new ones and make sure to keep them from getting liquid inside. @ Nick, a phunnel won't do anything to stop your hose from rusting.
  4. Also don't forget to check out www.worldhookah.com! Neal is a great guy to buy from and he will always do what he can to hook you up. Also free shipping can't be beat!
  5. mj_b90

    New Funnel Design?

    Nikon that's a Super Chief, those have been around for a while. But I'm also getting a phunnel from neal soon. Although, I did order the mod with it and he didn't mention anything to me? *shrug* We'll see.
  6. mj_b90


    How much shipped to 46360?
  7. mj_b90

    Electric Hookah

    QUOTE (WesleyPipes @ May 3 2008, 01:47 PM) But now I have moved on to hydrogen boosters for cars, so if any of you are interested in getting some solid gas mileage let me know. You mean like the kind that produces hydrogen on-demand? Like THIS?!?! Either way, shoot me a PM cuz I'm looking to try this out myself.
  8. Hookahups Fruity Mint Mix Set-up: MZ Horas C, AF Healthy Hose, Small Mod bowl, Natual lump charcoal. Cut: Fine, and moist. Not to sticky...just right. Smell: Very fruity Taste: I did not enjoy this as much as the mint hookahups. The fruit taste seemed to be lacking, and I did not get much of a mint taste at all. This did not taste much different than any other fruit-mix shisha I've had before..I was not very impressed. Smoke: Nice clouds Buzz: Not much at all Overall: 5/10 I wasn't a huge fan of this flavor. It was missing the mint and the fruity flavor that was there wasn't great. I'm hoping I just had a bad bowl, I will be trying this again soon.
  9. mj_b90

    Gta 4

    Anyone willing to donate a 360 or PS3? :-p
  10. What about Snoop Dogg? Stuff he says have become a part of pop culture too. :-p Seriously though, no one will ever be able to change the entire misconception. And like Zenslk said, we're probably in the minority.
  11. mj_b90

    Electric Hookah

    Wesleypipes, still no word on your trials?
  12. QUOTE (Seanij @ Apr 23 2008, 05:56 AM) I wish I could order tangiers, I'd get them to send me like.. a cargo plane full of it haha. -dreams- Sounds like you need to take a vacation to the states. Bring an extra suitcase just for all the Tangiers you'll be bringing back. :-P
  13. Haha, You lucky bastard. I have zero selection as far as local shops go. But its probably better that way, I'd have no money left if it were that easy to get all the wonderful hookah goodies. :-P
  14. I moved the coal a bit more onto the bowl and got some average smoke...but its still giving the throat tickle and very little flavor. I'll probably order a phunnel before trying it again.
  15. I'm trying to smoke some Tangiers Spearmint for the first time right now. I don't have a phunnel yet so I used my mod bowl...filled it to the top then pushed it down a very little bit. Several large-ish toothpick sized holes down through the tobacco and one large chunk of natural charcoal. Its not quite harsh, I can take a full hit without coughing or anything. But its giving a heavy tickle on the exhale and weak smoke. I've tried moving the coal around a lot but its not getting any better. Did I under pack it?