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    Why hasn't KM sponsored me already? ;]
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  1. Haven't Been Here In Forever...

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1343669757' post='552914'] Well, there is a name I have not seen in a long time... How you been man??? Glad you're back! If you're back, that is. If not, then it's good of you to check in. [/quote] Same old sh*t different toilet lol. Work and school my Dude
  2. Haven't Been Here In Forever...

    [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1343667853' post='552912'] Good of you to drop by, What have you been up to? [/quote] Been good man work and school for the most part and possibly opening up a hookah bar...let's see if the city will let me.
  3. Haven't Been Here In Forever...

    Lol what's going on fellas!! Yeah I'll be around for a little while. How's veryone been?
  4. Any old schoolers still around? Well holler here real quick :]
  5. Recommending Nakhla

    Mizo Lemon was such a sick flavor. Both OG and Mizo Lemon are good great. Mizo is just a bit juicer with more of a Lemon kick to it. I forgot to add Peach to the mix. Another classic flavor.
  6. My First Km! [Pics]

    Really nice stem, one of a couple KMs with wood on their stem. Instant classic.
  7. Sad Day

    Ouch... Right grommet size = You should not be having this problem. It happened to me twice, and since then, I made sure the grommet was super ultra tight between the stem and the base.
  8. Video or I call BS. Lol jk. However a video would be sweet
  9. Recommending Nakhla

    Lemon Orange Game over.
  10. Whoolies are tough haha this is a 1 liter bike.

  11. KM > Mya, I have proven that over and over not only with posts, but with videos!! lol
    OG Trimetal is a great choice, I would go for that, its a very solid stem that smokes like a dream, thick flavorful clouds all the time with the right setup [bowl, hose, coals, ect].

  12. Aha I have been looking forward to a post from you.
    Every time I run across a post from you, I always look at your display pic and think, "Damn, look at that smoke!"
    And yea as you can see from my thread, I'm debating whether to get a mya or a km. So far I've been going to a KM, but I was thinking, is the OG trimetal one of the best KM's out there? Which KM d...